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M&S Leoville las Cases offer


Finally managed to track down a stash of Bellang Savigny-Les-Beaune at the bargain price of £5.66/btl. Good early drinking village burgundy with a touch of rusticity. Crazy price - not sure on what basis M&S decide on sales price but this would still have flown of the shelves at a tenner I suspect. No complaints from me though :grinning:


Ooops, the whole remainding stock kinda “fell” into my basket :grimacing::grimacing:


Just an empty space where they used to be in my local store :cry:


For anyone interested in the Chateau Batailley 2012… Costco have it for £35.98


Magnums NV £47.98 , bargain


Ooh! TWS has the 09 for £50. I have some 2010; I wonder what its value is (not that I’m looking to sell, I just suspect that it’s disappearing over my price horizon for EP).


Quick heads up for those who enjoyed Villa Antinori when Waitrose were selling for a tenner earlier in the year - they’ve got it on sale again, albeit for £11.99 this time. Still, I think it’s good value. They’ve also got a Barbaresco at £14.99… I’m not expecting great things from it but at that price it’s worth a go. Sadly, the Bolgheri that I spotted earlier on for £22.50 has now sold out :sob:


Local M&S in Milton Keynes has some offers on Hospices de Beaune.

This one marked down from £140 to £70

They also have a Volnay at £32.50, down from £70.

Anyone tried either or have any thoughts on whether these offers represent good value?


oh…are they all “bottled excusably for M&S” ones so you can’t really gauge external value ie are the only £50 to start with but because 'these aren’t just any Hospice…" they whack the ££ up ?


Yes, I think that’s probably the case!


£70 is normal, slightly cheap side, price for an obscure Corton GC red from 2015.


Im heading to CMK later today so will have a look…there was nothing in Kingston over the weekend and MK1 is Wild West of MK for me :joy:


thanks - did wonder how much of the retailer factor we had at play


I see it is made by Lucien le Moine, a small negotiant who I know nothing about other than what I have read on Berry’s website. When Berrys mention that they ‘are not cheap’ you have an indication of just how expensive they may be.


For some years now I have been intrigued by the Hospices de Beaune auctions - buying a barrel is on my “bucket list”.

A quick look on Christie’s website suggests the 2015 Hospices de Beaune Cuvee Charlotte Dumay sold for between 23,450 Euro and 27,820 Euro per barrel (against a pre-auction estimate of 8-12,000 Euro). All sorts of records were broken in 2015.

To that you need to add the price of a barrel and the cost of having the wine “brought up” (ie looked after by a negociant) and ultimately bottled. My guess would be that would cost at least 3-5,000 Euro. Plus there will then be UK duty and VAT to pay.

A barrel will usually yield 288 bottles. If we just go on the hammer price that will be around 82-97 Euro per bottle. That’s about £74-87 per bottle before negociant fees, duty and VAT.

At £70 a bottle inc VAT and duty you’d be buying it at what looks well below original auction price. So yes, it is good value from that perspective.

I very much doubt M&S bought every barrel of this cuvee so there will be other versions out there “brought up” by other negociants either on their own part or on behalf of clients. I very quickly found other vintages of this cuvee (eg 2009) on sale in the US at $225 to $250 a bottle. So again it makes £70 look a steal.


The negociant named on the bottle was the one responsible for the elevage and bottling of the wine - not necessarily the wine-making. That’s all overseen by the Hospices own winemaker. https://www.decanter.com/wine-news/first-woman-announced-as-new-hospices-de-beaune-winemaker-in-150-years-5526/

The buyer gets to choose who looks after their wine until ready to bottle.


@Lincoln, we really should revisit YOUR EXCELLENT IDEA from last year!
Any more takers??


Useful information, thanks!


I fully intend to go through with buying at the auction. Some people buy a boat or a classic car as a retirement “treat”. I’m going all out for a barrel of Burgundy. I have my eye on a barrel of Volnay Premier Cru - Cuvée Général Muteau. The 2018 went for about 13,000 Euro a barrel.

You can even have your own name on the label! Closest I will ever get to owning a vineyard.

Shame TWS weren’t up for organising a consortium to buy a barrel. An alternative might be to organise something via a specialist eg https://hospices-beaune.com/en/buy-full-barrel-auction/


I didn’t see this at the time but absolutely would be interested.