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Magical Mystery Bottle


Damn… I was going to wait for my next order but I do love a freebie…

Free 13th bottle offer arrived today 2nd July
Free bottle offer - email arrived 2nd July pm, offer started 17th June!

It’s true: a free 13th magical mystery bottle when you mix your own 12-bottle case! Full Ts&Cs/details are here


I know the feeling!

What are you putting in your case?! I think I’ll be in need of inspiration for a few new bottles to try so I’m very open to suggestions! :smiley:


I’m doing a mixed case of Rose - but I’m off on holiday this weekend so was going to shove in reserves and get delivered when back - not any more! Will paste my selections when the last 3 decisions have been made :slight_smile:


Just taken advantage of that one! Cheers :clinking_glasses:


Right, finally decided!

Summer is now on.

Your Order

Rosé d’Anjou Gamay-Grolleau, Famille Bougrier 2018 Code: WS - LO14871 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £7.25 £7.25
Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, Contesa 2018 Code: IT27291 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £8.25 £8.25
Côtes de Provence Rosé L’Echappé Belle, Mas de Cadenet 2018 Code: FC36601 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £10.50 £10.50
Domaine la Croix Belle, Champs des Grillons, Côtes de Thongue 2018 Code: FC36571 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £9.50 £9.50
Coteaux du Giennois Rosé, Domaine de Villargeau 2018 Code: LO14881 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £9.50 £9.50
Les Parfums du Midi, Pays d’Oc 2018 Code: FC36831 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £7.50 £7.50
Domaine de Mesclances, Charmes, IGP Méditerranée 2018 Code: FC36661 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £8.50 £8.50
Côteaux d’Aix-en-Provence Rosé, Domaine Tour Campanets 2018 Code: FC36781 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £9.50 £9.50
Corent Côtes d’Auvergne, Saint-Verny 2018 Code: FC36561 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £9.50 £9.50
Brindisi Rosato Vigna Flaminio, Vallone 2018 Code: IT27221 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £8.25 £8.25
Domaine Félines-Jourdan Rosé, IGP Côtes de Thau 2018 Code: FC36581 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £6.75 £6.75
Saumur Rosé ‘Les Plantagenêts’ 2018 Code: LO14831 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £8.50 £8.50


I like the idea and I hope this doesn’t come across as a moan but wouldn’t it have been easier, logistically, especially for the pickers and drivers, to have the same T&C’s for a self-selected 11 bottles with the mystery bottle making up a case of 12 ?


Thanks for this, @tom. I’ve just been making another batch of ice-cream, so fitted in choosing an order whilst it churned/froze down. These sort of things rarely work in my favour, but I’ve a feeling this one can’t go wrong, especially as I was planning an order last week but held off!

Maybe we should swap notes as to what we get - that will keep them on their toes (hint).


It’s a 12-14 bottle offer, so it will come in a 15-bottle case I’m sure.


Thanks for clarifying, that makes better sense. I must admit I didn’t fully read the T&C’s in that respect ( probably distracted by the new Fine Wine List ).


Yes, thank goodness I didn’t spot the new fine wines offering till the order was in, or it would have been carnage.


you mean I could have ordered two more wines?!!!


Turns out my order didn’t go through so I managed to sneak those two extras in after all :smiley:

Touraine Chenonceaux, Domaine de la Renaudie 2017 Code: LO14721 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £11.95 £11.95
Three Terraces Marlborough Pinot Rosé 2018 Code: NZ10711 In Stock
1 x Bottle(s) at £8.50 £8.50

Happy days!


Happy daze! …


Except TWS does not do 15 bottle cases - they are 6 or 12.

So for that extra 1 over the dozen, an entire carton is needed.


@lapin_rouge Not to worry, we do indeed do 15-bottle cases! :smiley:

@tom that’s an epic list - I didn’t even know we did half of those! This one’s new to me:

so I’ll def add that to the mix, and thanks also for the reminder that we do new world rose:

Not sure if it’s helpful or not but I’ve just spied we’re also about to stock a HUNGARIAN rose:

Anyone else have any must-try recommendations (especially if newer to our range) that I should add to my case? :smiley: Usually drink things between £7-12, but anything up to £16ish a bottle is fine?


That first one was at the press tasting and i loved it! Saw the Hungarian and tempted but resisted. I just love dis ivering new Rosés every summer :slight_smile:


I’ve had fifteen bottle boxes delivered, in fact I have an empty one stashed for transporting wines when I’m away for a couple of months! It’s not the same as buying a ‘case’ which is always 6 or 12, I think, but they deliver in, I think, 1, 3, 6, 9, 12 and 15 bottle boxes.


The society 100% has 15 bottle cases

Source: have placed orders for inbetween 13-15 bottles before and that’s what they came in.

They have a 2 pack IIRC too (might have been a 3 with one empty)


Sounds like someone over ordered the 15 bottle boxes… :wink: