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Magical Mystery Bottle


Seems a trifle Stalinist? I know we are a mutual but isn’t this taking communism to the extreme? :wink:

That said, I have some sympathy with what you write above it…though I am sure there is some cost/benefit analysis done around the marketing spend? @Ewan @laura can probably enlighten us…


Me neither…the creation of Beelzebub, you know, the guy in Marketing…


Wow! You’ve all been having fun in this post… Have just flicked through and glad I’ve not delved in. Enjoy your 13th wine if you have one, otherwise thank God (or other deity/no Creator figure) that you are member of such a great Society!


Is it from one of the following - France, Italy or Spain?


Just a joke , my friend. No offence intended


No, from none of those. 6


after they invented wax capsules they moved on to “golden bottle” and"mystery bottle" competition design :rofl:


Open question…

Did you “really want the wine” or was it the fact it was offered for free ?..and who doesn’t like something for free ?

or, Was the £10 credit actually a better option as you could choose what you wanted ?


Well, ruling out New World, a search for white wine within the price range and not from Spain, Italy or France leaves us with 14 countries across Europe and 61 wines - half of which come from Portugal or Germany- so does it come from either of those two?


Just to clarify, the wine I really wanted was the 12th bottle that I did not get as they oversold it and none was left to put in my case (even though I must have been one of the first to order it). As a result I did not get the mystery bottle, as (unbeknown to me) there were now only 11 bottles in my case. I did not really really want the mystery bottle (even though I made an effort by expanding my case to 12 bottles to get it) and very happy with the £10 credit instead.


…and none taken…just didn’t want the thread to go in that direction…


This happened to me (the missing wine that I really wanted - not the missing out on a mystery bottle insult to injury that you had to endure)
I was devastated as it was the one bottle in my case that I really desired. :cry:


Quick question on this…does this comply with our wonderful Scottish licensing laws on multi buy promotions? Pretty unenforceable even if it doesn’t…Maybe if the point of sale is deemed to be Stevenage it’s ok?

I will take a £10 credit note if it isn’t :wink:


I raised this with the campaign manager for the promotion and has been checked with our legal team - I had the same thought as you.


Yes! Good guess to knock out Croatia, Greece, Slovenia…7.


Is it single varietal?


Got my “Free” bottle yesterday with a case of 12 costing £237.
It was a German Riesling value £7.50 which is 3% of the cost of the case.
Thought we would be getting something better value than that.


Why do you put ‘free’ in inverted commas?

It’s already been established that there is no correlation between how much one spends on a case and the value of the free bottle. It’s just a fun way to get an extra bottle you may not have chosen yourself.


The “Free 13th Bottle” is part of a sales promotion aimed at getting members to order more wine. This in turn increases sales and profit on the additional sales. As a reward we are given the 13th bottle which is funded by the additional profit from my order. Thats why it isn’t “free”.
If “It’s already been established that there is no correlation between how much one spends on a case and the value of the free bottle”, why isn’t this in the Terms and Conditions or in the advert.


Rather pleased with my free bottle!

My quick thoughts on this offer. Not all marketing promotions are necessarily about boosting sales in the short term. This one strikes me more as being about entrenchment and rewarding customer loyalty. These aren’t particularly high value wines so it feels more like a little ‘thank you’ than Golden Bottle which was more of a prize, and the kind of thing that would push people to order when they otherwise might not.

It might be that the Society looked at stock numbers and thought, ‘we have a bit of a surplus of these lines’. Instead of having them hanging around with the fruit fading until they can flog them off as bin ends, they’re giving them to members. What’s more mutual than that? And I’d urge those complaining about this being against the mutuality principles of the Society to go and read the mutuality statement on the website again.