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Magical Mystery Bottle


Yeah I also had a bottle of that Egri Bikaver earlier in the year and it was a good wine and interesting. My notes on this very forum say “Liquorice and cassis on the nose, brambley berries and jam in the gass. Really nice.”

Hope you enjoy it!


Hope to get something awesome with this…!

Can’t wait to try that nz gamay in particular :grin:


That Semillon is fantastic! :+1::+1:


Just managed to get this in for delivery on Friday. All brand new to me (although have tried a previous vintage of the Bohorquez Duero), looking forward to some summery reds.

Hoping for another discovery for my Magical Mystery Bottle :smile:


Oooo so glad you said that @Inbar I’ve had some pretty ropey semillon which has tasted like weak lime cordial. What’s your purchasing been this week?


Ha ha, well hope this semillion proves a better experience. It was ‘wine of the week’ on Jancis’s website recently too!

Well, collected my WS order last week (some interesting bottles!), but this week got 3 bottles from a local wine shop (a Toro Malvasia, a Douro Portuguese red and a Morgon) :grinning::+1:


Ha young @polly once again proving her selection skills! Let me kniw how the douro is, I’m keen to find a really good distinct Portuguese red :grin:


Will do! :+1:

It’s this one:



Agree - whats not to like.


The Papa Figos (= golden oriole - it’s another critter wine) used to be offered by the society. I think it’s a good example of what you should expect from a Douro wine at not a lot of money. Good pick!

Just in passing -

Not from the Hunter Valley by any chance? That’s what it tastes like when young, but its great strength is how it matures, and what it matures into. 10+++ years needed in bottle though.


So there have been 270 comments on this Magical Mystery Bottle thread. What is the consensus? A good ‘bonus bottle’ idea or just a traffic driver?


Well both I hope! I think it was/is a good idea and a bit of fun, and I hope it might have driven some extra sales for TWS.

I didn’t put in an order because a) I have no spare money and b) I have no spare room. But otherwise I would have done. It’s not going to make me drink more and probably, for most of us ‘hardened’ TWS buyers, it’s just a little bit of fun. But hopefully for TWS it might have got some extra orders from some of those dormant members that rarely order from TWS and just might have diverted some of their funds from Waitrose to TWS.


I’m very much looking forward to my first taste of Bulgarian wine thanks to the Wine Society - a real midweek boon. Did I mention it was FREE? Good work all.


I have had both young and 10 year aged semillon. Bit meh about both… Probably just not my style, or is it was a bit washed out after the exquisite aged oz riesling we had before (wset class). Super excited to try the Argentinian one though, it sounds mouthwatering!


Was expecting a TWS delivery today but it didn’t come. Looked again at my order confirmation and see it says delivery on a Saturday. 98% certain I didn’t ask for delivery on Sat as we are not around. It also means I won’t qualify for the mystery bottle. Boo hiss and sad face. :cry::cry::cry:. No idea what happened. Disappointed!


contact customer services and see if it can be changed. They are frequently very accommodating about such things.


I did, and they were! Now being delivered tomorrow! Excellent customer service as always!


Excellent! Good on them! Things go wrong in the best of organisations. The measure of the organisation is how willing and good they are at fixing the mistakes!


I think TWS goes above and beyond this as sometimes it takes on itself to correct my mistakes.


Exactly right Mr (or Ms) Comtes. The day-in-day-out diversity of wines at an excellent price is what matters to a majority of members. Oddities such as as ‘golden wines’ etc might be marketing fluff - maybe relevant - who knows (certainly not me). Personally I’m happy to trust TWS to make these decisions and move with the times.

And yes - I also feel the ‘free bottle’ thing is unneccessary - but so what? that’s only cos I dont understand the thinking behind it. It is a healthy thing for TWS to try differant methods to reach out to the membership, so keep on doing these things - even if I disagree sometimes.