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Magical Mystery Bottle


A £6.25 Western Cape entry level white blend that wouldn’t taste much different from something you can get in a supermarket for around £4-4.50 for an order where you’ve spent an average of £18+ per bottle!!!

I’ll save my order for another time if that’s the ‘Mystery’ thanks!


Appreciate the feedback, although I feel it’s probably worth noting that there’s a variety of bottles of different price points being included - this is just one of them (and it’s a very tasty one - having tried it, I def wouldn’t turn down a free bottle! :wink: )

I’d also strongly contest the notion that any of our wines are equivalent in quality to a significantly cheaper supermarket wine. I’m quite disappointed to hear you feel that way, but hope we’ve been transparent enough about how we operate, e.g only buying wines we truly believe in, making sure quality and fair pricing are paramount, being a non-profit maximising mutual, The Society’s Promise etc for that not to be a view shared by too many!


James doesn’t seem to think so.

Also, which producer makes this wine? It appears to come through the wine agency of Boutinot whom I’m sure take a healthy margin before selling it on to TWS.

So yeah, I stand by my remark in that it’s the equivalent of an entry level supermarket wine as a supermarket could go direct to the producer, cut out the agency fee and bottle in the UK to reduce costs.


Let’s agree to disagree as I think we see things quite differently. :wink: Still a lovely wine, IMO!


My delivery is on Thursday, I’ll post a pic once I know what the extra wine I didn’t pay for is to see if it was worth making the order I was going to make anyway :wink:


Ok. That’s fine. So can you tell me who makes the wine then?

I just thought there may have been a mixture of bottles for different types of orders.

Eg, if someone spends north of £500 on a case of the latest red Burgundy offer would the get something like the above?

If someone orders only red, would they get a bottle of white and vice versa? As that doesn’t seem very logical if that is the case.

Is there any thought about the bonus bottle or is it purely lucky dip?


I think most of us on here would place orders and be happy with no extra bottle as we normally do.

Surely this campaign is about enticing people to increase their order / order before they may necessarily need to.


Probably, but so what? No one’s being forced, and if you end up with a wine you don’t fancy, just give it away. I mean it’s free!


Or the very popular among parents option … donate to the school tombola :rofl::rofl:


Or they could use it to broaden a members wine horizons
Eg, the customer has bought 12 Bordeaux reds between £10-£20, let’s put a new world BDX blend in that price point in as the bonus bottle? Hope they like it and purchase on next order?


The producer is listed as Boutinot, who do produce their own range of wines, as well as being importers and agents. They also make our Percheron range, which is another fave of mine.

I get what you mean, and I love the ideas you’ve come up with (e.g your suggestion above to add a wine members haven’t bought before etc) but this will affect thousands of orders, so unfortunately we don’t have the resource to check each order and make a decision about which wine might be best suited etc. It’s just a bit of fun, really - everyone who qualifies gets a free bottle! :slight_smile:


I’m just a relative newbie so I haven’t seen many of TWS offers, but hey no reason not to try different things - golden bottle, free bottle when buying a case of 12. If it’s not a success don’t do it again.

Whatever they try there is always going to be someone knocking it. You could try ‘ buy a case of our special under £7 wines and get a classed growth claret free’ offer, but you would probably still get someone complaining they only got a third growth!

To repeat what’s already been said if you weren’t planning on buying a 12 case don’t, but if you were then it’s a bonus.

Personally, I am not in a position to take advantage as my new company have not paid correctly for two and a half months. Never mind.


I was about to order a few ready drinkers, which for me is £10-15. So I’ve made it to 12 and await the mysterious bottle on Friday.
Reserving comment but a £6 bottle would have to be surprisingly good to compete but wine can surprise.
I really don’t need a wine to donate to a school raffle. Have the wine but no raffle or school.


Two observations. Suspect the people who post here are not representative of the wider Wine Society customer base, and this is more likely to appeal to those in the broader community. And secondly there’s an element of whatever promotional approach the Society take there will always be those who would prefer some other perk/incentive. I speak as almost the first poster who piled in criticising the Golden Bottle (and on reflection regretted it).


WEll… personally I think we should all get a “golden bottle”! That would solve the problem of value…:wink:


So some people get a more expensive wine than others? Where’s the mutuality in that?


Everyone can get something for nothing!

It’s not communism…


Right - I spotted @Leah’s gifthorse, so I hereby claim my extra bottle.

Since we’re now up to 14, perhaps I should point out that those boxes hold 15 bottles (confirmed), so if there are any spare ones knocking around in the warehouse, feel free to drop one in. All in the name of maximum utility you understand.


Looking at the picture of the overlay above to hold the 13th bottle I think you could order 15 bottles and still have room for the free 16th. The overlay would fit in the same way as above, might just need a bit of card to hold it in place.

Someone be a rebel and try it.


My delivery came this morning nice & early, I’m carrying the case upstairs to my second floor flat - seemed heavy for a case of 12 - omg I got a gift horse, that same Kaap Plaas. Totally unexpected, I ordered the wine ten days ago, only delayed the delivery because of my busy schedule last week! Whether it’s cooperative, capitalist, communist or crass, I’ll take it!!!