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Magical Mystery Bottle


That’s the attitude :wink:


Purely by chance it was such a mixed case, too, otherwise it might not have qualified.


I wouldn’t advise trying it with an order of 15 bottles; from the T&Cs:

“Orders of less than 12 bottles of wine or orders of 15 bottles of wine or more will not qualify.”


If you order on line there a count down note to free bottle at the top of the basket page. So you can see if you’re getting the free bottle of raffle wine.


This and Golden bottles are unneeded gimmicks from our Society


Oh thats disappointing. I just assumed it would be 12 or more.


Surprising amount of negativity again.

Won’t personally be partaking as have to drink some wine i already have before ordering more, but it seems like a perfectly reasonable way to clear out some odds and ends taking up warehouse space and drum up a few extra orders in the process.



Only in Britain would people complain about free wine.

‘Free Wine’ - A great name for The Wine Society’s House Band. Works well on flyers left around the pub :grin:


Oh no… it cannot be that. It is most definitely a careless embezzlement of the riches of OUR Society, rewarding the few over the many. :wink:


I am planning on getting around a dozen wines from the Italian offer (I want to explore some new Italian wines as well as pick up some favourites) however I don’t need them yet and haven’t really got space for them. I was wondering about bringing the order forward for this offer but, and I’m absolutely not knocking the offer which I think is great, I’m not sure it’s worth the bother of bringing the order forward and sorting out space, finding money etc. So think I’ll, regretfully, be giving it a miss.

That incidentally brings up a little grumble I have about TWS offers; most TWS offers are not offers they are just highlighting certain groups of wines. For example this Italian one; it’s a great way of highlighting some of the great Italian wines but there are no discounts so this is not an offer and it’s a bit ridiculous to put a time limit on it since nothing changes at the end of the ‘offer’. Just a minor grumble in that most TWS offers are not really offers they are just these kind of highlights.


bit pedantic but…they are offers to the market in the traditional sense of ‘a merchant bringing their goods to the market to exhibit them for sale’ eg I am offering you these wines to buy and here are the details of the wines and how I will sell them to you.

“offers”, as in ‘a discount’ is a much later derivation

all with a :smile:


On the back of the new Fine Wine List and the current Italian offer I would have ordered anyway. I may enjoy the free bottle, then again, I may not. If I don’t it’ll just make me appreciate the good stuff more.

Looking forward to trying it. If I don’t get on with it it can go in a chicken casserole !


You are correct, but in this time very few outfits outside of the likes of the wine trade use the term offer in that context correct or otherwise, in my search for a new car recently all the “offers” came back telling what the discount was and most would do the same today.

We on here know what the WS is saying but even then some of the “offers” do sound as though there is a discount awaiting when there isn’t.


Also pedantic, but please “fewer than 12 bottles”, not less than 12 bottles. The English just should be correct!


The other point that makes them “offers” is, I believe, the wines aren’t all on the quarterly List. To most here who I assume browse and order online that’s not much of a distinction, but to those who use the printed material it makes a difference. That, and as you say, they are grouped together in some way and brought to market with some sort of story or reason.


Can we also make sure we are consistent in the use of Oxford commas. Only kidding…


“To my parents, Ayn Rand and God” or “to my mother, Ayn Rand, and God”? And why is it always Ayn Rand?

The less/fewer distinction has always struck me as a peculiarly silly bit of faux-pedantry; eight is clearly less than ten, and if you can order 3pi bottles of wine, knock yourself out. Almost as pointless as the injunction to not split infinitives.


Yes, sadly less people care about this sort of thing nowadays!


Also, the mixed cases included in the offers are discounted. In the current Italian offer, the Italian whites case of twelve is offered for £89, but the full price for the bottles would be £91.90. So, there is a time limited discount.


and even I would admit that 8 magnums might be fewer but not less than 10 half bottles.