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Magical Mystery Bottle


I was also wondering whether you would get a free bottle if you ordered 6 magnums!


I think the answer to that question might be the same as the one for a 12 bottle mixed case of apple juice and beer.



Look forward to trying it :slight_smile:


4 mixed cases and 4 Kaap Plaas Sem/Sauvs. Wonder if the W/S is overstocked with this one? :wink:

Not complaining, free wine is always good


Make that 5 now.


Yeah it’s a pity my wife is in the US now, I know she’d like the Kaap Plaas, I’m not so sure I will. I’ll bet it’d be good to cook some chicken in, but that’s only a third of the bottle. I’m planning on getting another mixed case, really inspired by the Italy’s Best Buys list. My guess is that, a week or two later, the Kaap Plaas will be depleted and the mystery bottle will be … ??


The Kaap Plaas is a perfectly OK summer quaffer. It majors on the semillon which in a young wine makes it quite neutral, slightly added to by the minority SB component. We had it tonight with some hake en papillote.


Plus 1. Mine has just arrived.
Very nice 13 bottle box I thought too


Haha! I think this happens to be the 13th bottle wine with the most stock which might explain this current run - there’s about 12 different wines being included, though! :wink:


Maybe order mixed cases, one each day between now & the end of the magical mystery offer, then post a bar chart in this thread, to show how many bottles of each mystery wine received? If everyone did that, we’d see if there’s a pattern?


I mean, I drink a lot but even I would struggle on 12 bottles a day.


I’d just have to invite my brother in law and I’d be good.


Don’t mean to be pedantic, but 13.


Sorry, but I’m going to be a moaner, and no doubt sound like a right git too, but I am disappointed.

I ordered a case of mainly Italian reds and non-Burgundian Pinot Noir, average £20+ a bottle, that came today and I too got the South African white blend.

If the point was to encourage us to try new wines then surely the bonus bottle should reference the wines we buy at least a bit. It doesn’t need to be expensive, but nothing about anything I have ever bought suggests that I would want the bottle received. I was really looking forward to something interesting and it really isn’t.

This feels like a stunt and frankly not what I expect of The Wine Society.



Thanks for your feedback - and don’t worry, this forum is for discussion and feedback about The Society of all kinds so criticism is welcome! :smiley:

We’ve sort of discussed something similar above and I gave a brief explanation - basically, it’s just a bit of fun to encourage exploration by putting together your own mixed case (ie the wines you choose are just as big a part of the exploration as the mystery bottle) so we can slip an extra free bottle in there for you which we hope you’ll enjoy. With thousands upon thousands of orders affected, there’s no way we can personalise each case, as it’s a logistical nightmare! Although I do appreciate the suggestion, and maybe we can come up with a creative way to do something like this in future. :slight_smile:

Again, genuinely sorry that it hasn’t hit the right note with you, but as ever there’s no obligation to order and you’re covered by the same rights/policies as you always are with your Society, and hopefully future promotions will resonate with you more. :slight_smile:

And fingers crossed you might even enjoy the Kaap Plass! :slight_smile:


Don’t worry, I’m sure if you ask Members’ Services will add a full credit note to your account for the amount you paid for the free wine received.


I am surprised that you seriously have a problem of getting members to mix their own cases.

On logistics, perhaps it is an interview question for your new Head of Marketing when you are recruiting: how, would you better target members with “you may also like”? The current attempt is not that great. You have the information, lots of it; it just needs used more effectively.


TWS offering a “bakers dozen”

“late 16th century: from the former bakers’ custom of adding an extra loaf to a dozen sold, this constituting the retailer’s profit.”

I hope the WS are not following this practice to the letter :rofl:


Can you list them please?


I think it’s:

  1. Free surprise wine #1
  2. Free surprise wine #2
  3. Free surprise wine #3
  4. etc.