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Magical Mystery Bottle


Many of us order wines from (gasp) multiple merchants. An offer which encourages spend at TWS is not necessarily incentivising us to spend more, bring an order forward, buy wine we don’t need or want (though thank you for your concern on our behalf, lest we splurge our savings to get a few free bottles…) - it may simply move some of our spend from some other merchant in to TWS. That’s a good thing for the Society as a whole (and therefore its members), no?


Oooooo we’ll be placing an order following the italy tasting tomorrow… Hopefully that oz chardonnay finds it way in!! :grin::grin::grin:

Life note: marketing does work on marketers!


*Makes note in little black book … *


So I’ve asked about sharing the list of wines here, and I’ve discovered we’d rather not give the full list, because the whole point of the promotion is that a big part of the fun is it’s a mystery bottle - and to be honest, when they put it that way, I can see their point!

But, what I have found out is:

There are around 20 different wines being used, between approximately £6 –£11 in value, and they are a mix of European and new world bottles covering but not limited to Spain, South Africa, Italy, Australia, France, Austria and more. :smiley:

Looking forward to seeing more of you posting your mystery bottle here so we can see some of the other bottles being given away. :smiley:


My order arrived today with a bottle of

It’s a new one to me so I look forward to giving it a go in due course.


Ordered 12 botttles, got 11 bottles… also no 13th bottle. Ever so slightly disappointed.

UPDATE; I actually got a £10 credit, but I really wanted the wine(s).


Aw, that really sucks @szaki1974. All that anticipation and then that happens. And a credit is not going to answer. Bottles 12 and 13 should be winging their way to you right now, along with free bottles 14-17 to compensate you for that deflated feeling you experienced. C’mon TWS, do the right thing.


On that basis members should not be revealing the wines here.


“On that basis…” Maybe. As a community, we can use our own judgment, though.


I am sure there is no confidentiality agreement in the boxes delivered (even if I did not get mine.).


That’s an odd conclusion to reach! :thinking:

Once a member has received their bottle - the secret is ‘out’ and they can do what they want with the info.

Talk about a storm in a wine glass. This is supposed to be a bit of harmless fun, instead the whole thing been dissected to death.


Takes away some of the fun for me if the mystery bottle can’t be shared. I’m living vicariously through these posts and shares as I have no room to order more bottles at the moment, trying hard to drink through 12 bottles to create room but according to my better half that is not sensible


But … But … That’s the whole POINT of Internet forums!


There’s ways to make room though…



Creating the 13th bottle…:rofl:


I see there’s an argument about whether or not to reveal your mystery bottle. So I’ll just say I got something no one else has mentioned yet and it’s fine with me as it’s something I probably wouldn’t have bought but really ought to expand my experience of!


Can we play 20 questions to see if we can guess?


I’ll start, is it red?


Oh goodness, PLEASE DO! :smiley: Haha honestly, as Community Manager I can 100% confirm anyone is free to reveal their mystery bottle here! :rofl: Once you’ve got it, it’s not a mystery any more!


I did reply to reveal all, then saw the attempt to turn it into 20 questions so deleted the post.
No, it’s not red.