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Magical Mystery Bottle


No, and this will be a problem as posts have to be 14 characters long! Not helpful in this context.

  1. Ok so it’s white. Is it single varietal?


Have you dismissed rosé as a possibility?


Yes it’s single varietal. 2.


No, he hadn’t. 3.


Is it a New World white?


Sorry, I was actually addressing @winechief, but probably wasn’t very clear. I was just concerned at the jump from not red to must be white. But I’ll just shut up now!


Missing 13th bottle here, unlucky for some. Also a rather bizarre packing set-up for 12 bottles, which makes me think I very nearly got something extra in there…

Anyway, Member Services are going to put a tenner on my account. I wasn’t desperate for more wine, and it was an order I was going to place anyway - mystery bottle or no - so in a sense it’s neither here nor there, but I thought they should know just in case a pattern starts emerging and there’s an issue with the picking and packing they need to resolve. Hopefully this (and @szaki1974’s experience) is the exception.


Whoops, yeah I had instantly dismissed rosé (and orange)
I’ll wait for the answer to @Inbar’s question to confirm white…


PS - does anyone else zoom in on these kinds of photos to work out what people have ordered…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yeah, but very little luck… I will hazard a guess that you have some Pataille in there.


There’s some Cava and something with a wax cap?


Society’s Cava Reserva


The two Verdelhos


Yeah, some of the 2016 Bourgogne to keep me ticking over while my other Burgundies wait for a better moment.

That’s the Austrian red for the next online tasting. Not a fan of wax capsules - it’d better be good!

All present and correct!



Oh. My bottle of that Austrian arrived without the wax. Hope its ok


No, it’s not a new world white (I’m not a machine, I’m using the more than required characters).4


do you think it will taste nice…after all, that’s all that really matters :slight_smile:


Yes, I’m confident it will! 5.


Let’s not go there…and please don’t compare the two!