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Makeshift TWSTaste virtual wine tasting themes - what do you have at home?



it seems there is some interest @laura, can we, please


Let’s see if we can tick off all the villages :wine_glass:


Would Aligote count…? :nerd_face:


Bourgogne Aligote, yes… so would Passetoutgrain


OK! I got some options then! :+1:

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Not too bothered what is chosen. Just looking forward to ending “dry4Lent”. Never appreciated how long Lent lasts.


What do we have at home? Lots of claret! Plenty of German white wine, some white burgundy, Languedoc reds. Then assorted stuff (red, white and rose) from here, there and everywhere. Thumbs up for anything that includes red Bordeaux from here :wine_glass:


I’m with you on red Bordeaux; only problem would be what to open!

Also red Rhone; I do have a Cote Rotie that needs drinking sometime soon.

Another possibility I mentioned in another thread; a Musar vertical might be a lot of fun. Or maybe, to be a little looser, a Lebanon tasting.

Another possibility might be a “bring your favourite sub tenner” wine tasting. We all might pick up some great VFM tips.


E sure to let it play and read the words - extremely relevant for your circumstances


I would love a Beaujolais feast, too, at some point! :heart_eyes:


I am 100% here for this!


… or we could dedicate one to the dreaded Cabernet Sauvignon…


I’m in the middle of a stock-take. I am pretty sure I have no Cab Sav in at all!


The Musar/Lebanon tasting defiantly sounds like a good idea!