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Making meat matter



I make a courgette and tomato lasagna - simply exchange the meat for the two veg that are thinly sliced so they will cook in the oven. I had lots of herbs and then cheese / béchamel as normal.

It will stand up to most Bordeaux


As a veggie and a Bordeaux lover I’ve long since stopped worrying about which recipes to have with my wine! To be honest I find most work okay.

Re veggie burgers falling apart: for anything burger/fritter/sausage I always make a base of soft breadcrumbs (slices of bread whizzed through the food processor) then sometimes add egg for a little extra binding. Generally hold together pretty well, a little delicate but manageable.

I used to eat a lot of Quorn but only have it occasionally nowadays. I throttled back on it around twenty years ago when they really ramped up the price so it now compares quite closely with meat. It used to be a lot cheaper relatively.

Did you know Quorn used to be made with eggs from battery farmed chickens and as such the Vegetarian society refused to endorse it until around 2004 when all quorn was finally made with free range eggs?


When Mr. Leah is away I eat very little meat and eat a fair bit of smoked salmon and turkey steaks (obvs meat). Mr. Leah is a massive carnivore and also happens to be the biggest food critic known to man :rofl:. Luckily for him, I make a mean pulled pork but don’t actually eat it or eat steak myself. It doesn’t feel good for me so I avoid it where possible. I’ve tried Quorn and Quorn nuggets and sometimes I’ll make Bolognese for the kids with it but don’t buy it too often.
I’m a big fan of fresh food so use a lot of herbs in my salads and my general cooking is all about fresh ingredients. I’m not sure I’ll ever be a vegetarian but my intake of meat has definitely reduced over the past few years. There is a balance to be had with regards to intaking enough protein too as I resistance train and I’m not a big lover of beans :smile:


I’ll have to give this a go. I have had difficulty with tomatoes and claret in the past. I have found that the acidity of the tomatoes cuts through the wine leaving it a little flat.


actually just made some fish polpette (fish meatballs) using this solution and worked beautifully… I used this recipe (not for the tomato sauce)… having a bottle of lowish alcohol beer with it, tasty


Red meat is a once a week treat for us. Fish at least twice a week, at least one almost veggie (often puttanesca and I guess the anchovies disqualify it as veggie). Processed meat probably once a fortnight.

On the wine matching question I’ve almost stopped caring about it, we drink what we fancy. If it clashes we just stop drinking while we eat, though really serious clashes are fairly rare. I can’t say I’m bothered about seeking the nirvana of the perfect match.


The other veggie meal we sometimes have with a Bordeaux blend, which I totally forgot about, is stuffed cabbage leaves. It’s one of our favourite meals - a bit time consuming, but worth it. The leaves are stuffed with a mixture of pearl barley and rice, plus some chopped hazelnuts and other goodies. They then simmer for 1.5 hours in a tomato sauce. I always add a pinch of sugar, to lessen the acidity, and it works a treat with the wine! :+1:


I think it works because the tomatoes are sliced thin and cooked with herbs and the juice goes into the pasta…but I’m no Heston blumin’eck !

although OH has commented…what doesn’t go with a good Bordeaux!! :man_facepalming:


That’s exactly my approach now! :smiley: