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Member mailing preferences


I suppose my thoughts are that I’d guess that the physical literature I receive annually must cost about 20 quid a year including postage… which is quite a lot.

I’ve got to stress that I love the society and can’t remember the amount of times that I’ve recommended it to friends.

Lets say the theoretical cost is 20 pounds a year, then I would happily swap the physical brochures for digital copies (I actually often print off the PDFs when making notes and selections) especially if I was incentivised to do so (for the good of all members).

Two ideas I think would work in this hypothetical example:

  1. A 10 pound voucher per year for not receiving 20 pounds of mailings (allowing collective savings to be expressed in lower prices).
  2. A better idea I think would be allow me to gift membership to someone per year. At the moment this effectively costs 20 quid.

These are obviously just examples and I’m sure others can be far more creative. The latter of these two options particularly appeals as it would allow me to share membership in this great club. And surely, the more members we have = the more wine we buy as a group = better discounts… and saves a few forests.

Just some thoughts as I say


More thoughts…

TWS is pretty savvy and I’m sure they’ve considered the cost of each of their routes to their customers.*

The following came to my mind

  • As I understand it, mailings are only posted to active members, that is those who have bought from TWS in the past year.

  • TWS pays bulk postage rates, no idea what they are but considerably less than the cost of a second class stamp

  • It might be more cost effective to send everything rather than separate out mailings per individual member choice and the staff cost of designing such a process and initiating it with the printing/despatch works.

*BTW how much did it cost to set up this spiffy forum and staff it? I don’t hear anyone calling for it to be closed down to save costs.


“BTW how much did it cost to set up this spiffy forum and staff it? I don’t hear anyone calling for it to be closed down to save costs.”

Or: how many additional wines/tickets to events have we bought because of recommendations here? I doubt if setting this up was entirely from benevolence.


In my view a more important point is the timing of said mailings, be it paper or electronic. Take the thread regarding Chateau de Pitray if the offer was sent to all at the same time and it is a case of last to order misses the boat then this is fair enough, but if offers are sent to selected members, give the same group a chance to order and if they don’t by a certain point release the offer to all then this is wrong.

From my understanding we are all equal members, we should all have the same opportunities, if this is not the case then it is unacceptable.

My solution issue all offers/mailings to all and if members don’t want to take up an offer fair enough or some want to opt out then provide the facility to do so.


I find the printed catalogues useful for reading at anytime anywhere. I found the following on the Web
“Wasting paper does not kill trees . … This is about paper recycling. Basically, people get paid by paper companies to let them come in and harvest timber and then re-plant trees . There is an economic incentive to keep lands forested because it makes them money”


As far as I am aware this is exactly right. The belief that not using paper saves trees is an out of date myth. Again, as far as I am aware, all paper is now produced from managed forestry.
I believe there is a pollution issue due to the chemicals used to bleach the pulp but not really a tree saving issue.


Indeed, Sheila, as per my first sentence.

I was trying to highlight that it is the internet literate community that we are here that are suggesting/recommending ‘old fashioned’ mailings be curtailed.

I suspect that if one polled the non-internet literate TWS members who rely on the mailings, that they might suggest savings by closing the forum, because they don’t use it or feel a need for it.

I myself am not proposing such an action: I have too much fun taking part.


I have received another mailing from the society today. Evelope ok this time,probably because it didnt have so much in it.
Some of the contents of this mailing was of interest to me the rest went into recycling. Mailings are the main way the Wine Society can be sure of communicating with its members. It can do this on line but the member has to choose to visit the wine society site . Mailings are therefore the only general method of advertising available to the Society . Other purveyors of alcoholic beverages will have a series of adverts in Glossy magazines. This would be a continuous cost. Wine society mailings would probably cost less that adverts. General mailings are i think sent to active members. On balance i find something of interest in all the mailings i receive. However I am not sure that it actually influences what I buy


I have now set my preferences to email only. I have constant access to my email and the website, so however much I like some of the glossy leaflets, I can really easily do without them. At the same time, I can see how for a lot of people paper mailing is still the way.


I have normally received the offers by email and ordered anything of interest before the paper copies arrive! I might need to follow @szaki1974 and go email only.


I receive the emails after the regular post. My FOMO (and compulsive spending habits) won’t allow for the possibility of seeing the new offers too late to get involved.