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Members reserves mixed cases withdrawals


that is correct


Thanks for clarifying, I figured. Boo, no sale. Probably for the best.


You can make up a reserves mixed case with halves though - with something like this it might make sense?


Yes, but that doesn’t really help me here, I’m trying to find a way to put the 6 in and keep them there for at least 5 years. I’ll just skip it.


In that case go for six Alsace white halves… Actually the Guigal drinks to 2025, so if you withdraw in 2025 and it is off you are still within the Society’s promise.


I might actually go for Tahbilk marsanne thinking about it. Still anoying to have all thee workarounds though - and the main thing is I wanted the other half of the case anyway, it’s just too cheap for free delivery. Grr.

ok well, can’t combine with Tahbilk as that comes in 6s. Not the first time I’ve not bought something because of this rule.

empties basket


I have a lot of sympathy for this problem and can’t really see why it couldn’t be changed to allow 6 bottles of one wine to be added as a half case, after all cases often come in as 6’s and they appear to be a neat, half-size shape of the 12 bottle case, so no stacking issues.

Buying in 6’s and being able to retrieve in singles exists currently if the case is sold as a six and with such a range of tempting wines, it’s not always possible to buy as dozens, especially when you want to mature it, but don’t have space at home or don’t want to buy a full case. I too buy more and more in sixes and have to ignore cases of 12.


The 12/6 thing was explained above as adding 2 more layers of handling and therefore cost, but I think many here would be prepared to pay a small surcharge if it came to it.

I assume the ‘you can’t split a mixed case but you can split a full case’ thing is just down to how the database is set up, which is frustating for members who don’t care about that, and it’s not really matching real life use cases. Hopefully (fingers crossed) the revamp of all things digital will address some of this.


Thoroughly ridiculous that you can’t make up a mixed case if the case size of one component is 6 rather than 12; even if the 12-bottle mixed case policy is retained this should be fixed.