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Members' Reviews - do you use them?


And what was the outcome ??


The only one who noticed was my boss! He used it well…


Probably my fault (i.e. the latter) Will take a look when back in the office on Tuesday.


Not too often, but I do review myself when I try a new wine.


Hopefully you give yourself :star::star::star::star::star: @onlyawino!


Member reviews… I think of it like Trip Advisor. You may well find gems that lead you to discover unsuspected delights, but probably not. And you have to read between the lines. A lot. :smiley:

Having said that, the honesty is indeed refreshing. A member review will sometimes put me off buying a wine I was considering, rarely the opposite. That’s good for me - I have way too much wine and don’t need further encouragement in my buying addiction.

Steve - I agree about being negative. What I do express, though, is being underwhelmed by a wine (and often the fact that I think it offers poor value). And I guess by now we know better than to buy wines we hate!


I use them. And I appreciate them. Good and bad.