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Midweek Drinking Thread [1-5 July 2019]


Colleague over from USA knows my weakness and brought me a couple of bottles:

Plateau Restaurant for team dinner led to some choice drinks. Started with an off menu Portonic, in hommage to the recent TWS Summer Press Tasting

Followed by several bottles of:


Pretty good start to the week in my opinion…


Follow that…!


Can’t follow that except to say that it is my (71st) birthday today so a bottle of the Society’s Champagne is a no brainer!


@Cormski’s mid week’s (and those of other serious Bon viveurs - you know who you are!) are generally better than most of our weekends! So there is no following that! I just observe with awe.:yum:


This makes it the shortest midweek thread ever! :smiley:


Last night was a bit of a unicorn; not too often an opportunity like that comes along; it was our “Summer Dinner”. I imagine the rest of the week will be pretty dry for me, at least until Friday evening. :blush:

As always, folk were wowed by what English fizz has to offer, in addition to plenty of happy noises about the other choices. :clinking_glasses:

And happy birthday David.


Started the evening with a glass of the Society Fino, picked up as a Bin End in the showroom last week:

Is there a better value Fino out there? I very much doubt it! This is mighty fine(o), with the salty, nutty inside of a wardrobe nose I like so much. Great on the palate too, with similar notes (minus furniture), and a tangy finish. So good with some olives! :heart_eyes:

The husband is making some wild mushroom risotto, so have opened (and decanted) a 2015 Langhe Nebbiolo we got from M&S for some stupid price in a sale:

It’s made by Araldica, and it’s not a bad mid-week drink, actually! It’s got the usual Nebbiolo pale brick sort of colour, with a good perfume of pot-pourri, tobacco, dried red fruit and Chinese Five spice (bit of liquorice, bit of clove, bit of nutmeg). Good palate too – mainly tertiary flavours, with chalky tannins, medium plus acidity and lovely autumnal notes of wet earth, leather, sweet tobacco, cloves and – according to the husband – some asphalt. I doubt this will age further, but as this is the only bottle we got I ain’t going to worry about such trifles.

Happy Tuesday, all! :wine_glass: :sun_with_face:



Something uber refreshing and simple. Waitrose Mosel Elbling. Live halfway between a dry riesling and a vinho verde. Water white, refreshing, with a tiny hint of riesling like oiliness Great value if you like this sort of thing (and I do) at £7


On holiday at the moment (a staycation to Wales) as I’m not allowed to leave the country due to ongoing visa applications. So alcohol intake will no doubt increase (slightly?)
This last night with leftover prawn, pea & lemon risotto.

And now this tonight with coq au vin
2011 Vintage. Great value when bought on the 25% discount and can age


Oh, I remember the days! :grimacing:
Ended up writing to my MP after 9 months of not having a passport… Got it back within two weeks. Long time ago now…


Yes hopefully sorted by mid to late August. If not, I’ll be writing my own letter!


Fingers crossed, @winechief! :crossed_fingers:

If not, you should definitely write to your MP! It was the best advice I was given at the time. But hopefully it won’t be necessary. And I wish I had some Bandol at the time… :wink:


It’s our wedding anniversary today and we had some R de Ruinart champagne, the second of 2 bottles given to us as a wedding present. 2 years since the first bottle (3 years since the wedding), and I think the bottle age has helped it. Nicely balanced acidity/sweetness/fruit, with honey richness and doughy notes, decent length and breadth. Good before and with a cod and chorizo/chickpea dish.

With an exhausting toddler/baby combo, and chronic sleep deprivation, we only had half the bottle then called it a night. (And not in a good way…)

Happy drinking, everyone!


Classy wedding present and a peaceful night to you both!


Happy anniversary, @tfpywfpy! :grinning: We regularly call it a night at 21.30 and we got a 16 year old… They’re worth it! :wink::+1:


Blind Spot Rutherglen Muscat with Cashel Blue and crackers. Lovely! I think this is better than the much pricier Stanton and Killeen, it’s lighter in colour with much less pronounced edge from the fortification - the taste profile is edging towards something like a Rivesaltes Ambre.


Happy anniversary to you and Lucinda, Tom!


We’ve had one of these for years and just haven’t got round to drinking it. Does it last forever or should we be drinking it up?


Opened this on Monday:

Good but no more than that. Perfumed but subdued nose of plums and blackcurrant. Soft tannins and acidity. Lacking complexity. Fairly short finish. May just be down to the bad '13 vintage. No significant difference the following day.

Not good enough for me to gamble on it for EP this year, which is a shame as it may just be the poor vintage that left it a bit bland. I was trying to decide between this and Chasse-Spleen for my Moulis EP hit as the Dutruch is around half the price but there’s no competition really. I will try a better vintage of Dutruch at some time, as the price is very attractive, but it will be too late for this EP offer.


I saw your post earlier and picked up a bottle this afternoon. After overwhelming yesterdays Gruner Veltliner with a lemony Turkish white bean salad this sounds like a much better option for tonight’s leftovers. Don’t think I’ve ever tried Elbling before either. Thanks !

This was the GV…

…and a very good example it was too ( just not with a spicy lemony salad, what was I thinking ! ). It’s striking earthy minerality reminded me of the Kunstler Hochheimer Rieslings I’ve enjoyed recently. It wasn’t particularly complex but that should come with time. It’s certainly got the structure for further aging.