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Midweek Drinking Thread [1-5 July 2019]


Enjoying this tonight. Pale lemon colour with a hint of green. Rich aroma with peach and a little vanilla. Zingy peach and smooth melon flavours. Quite a long finish. Better than the last bottle I had about a year ago. It was a Majestic wigig and has since disappeared.

P.S. As it warms it seems to be developing a bit more banana and butterscotch flavours.


So the montalcino was corked - boo
The savigny les lavieres 03 was the first thing I found and as dinner was on the table— yah.
Very nice almost new world fruit. 2003 hot summer I guess but nice now


Asparagus and pea soup with a tiny touch of pastis served with this long term favourite:


Sometimes you need something nice on a Wednesday :wink:!


Is that a replica Devils Causeway you are building with corks in the background Leah, asking for a friend …


Weekly surf at Lidl’s came up trumps this week (does anyone else do this?) A 2013 Pape Clément for £20 and a 2013 Potensac for £12.99. Just had a taste of the Potensac and it’s very very nice. Classic left bank stuff - lovely perfume, dark stone fruit minerality and a touch of graphite.

Impressed with this!


That seems pretty darned reasonable!


Indeed. Grab ‘em while you can!


I loved the 2014! I imagine it’s still going very nicely too. Looking forward to trying one of the 2016s at some point.

Indeed! I’ve had a couple of lovely glasses of this…

…to distract me, for a short while, from the fact that my urchins turned the patio into Play-Doh Water Sports Disaster Zone just before bedtime. A nice rewarding job for Daddy tomorrow morning :t_rex:

But for now I’ll call it a night because I’m falling asl


Interesting point about the Lidl offers. I was chatting to the Lidl wine guy at the Glasgow Wine Festival (they had a table there) and he told me that the special wine runs are done once every three months (it might have been four I can’t quite remember) and, importantly, that every store no matter where it is receives the exact same allocation of the special wines. So I guess even my local Dingwall store must get them but, as I never seem to see them, I guess they go quick. He did also say that many managers report that most of their special wines disappear within days of them going on the shelves.


That’s handy to know, Mike. Makes me think it might be an idea to say hello to my local store manager and maybe ask about those release dates…


As someone who definitely counts Lidl as a place to get interesting wines for a bargain, I can confirm this it what often happens.

I think what the guy was referring to was Lidl’s ‘Wine Tour’ - where they source wines of some interest, sometimes with a theme - about 6 months ago it was ‘Gems from Eastern Europe’ for example, and included some very good Hungarian, Austrian and Romanian wines. They’ve got a good nose for what’s ‘up and coming’ in terms of trends. They were one of the first places I noticed on the high street which was selling Chardonnay from the Jura, for example. Not to mention Gruner Veltliner, and some very good St Laurent made by Pfaffl, which you definitely don’t see in other supermarkets.

I suspect that wine enthusiasts such as ourselves do snap them up quickly, though - as even in my local(ish) Lidl, which is rather well stocked- they disappear very quickly.

But it’s definitely worth popping in there regularly, as there is always at least a couple interesting wines.


I find this really hard to believe. I’ve been told by managers at Lidl they don’t get the same wines as other stores. They are sent what HO allocate to them .


I live between 2 Lidl’s and one of them is a much better bet for wine.


Now that’s what I’ve kind of thought but this guy definitely claimed otherwise. I’ll have to have a chat with my local store manager.

@Inbar yes, it was the Wine Tour promotions he was talking about. He also said that when they are doing them there is supposed to be maximum limit on how many any one customer can buy to try and prevent bulk buyers snapping them up, but I can’t remember what that limit is.

To be fair he didn’t claim their normal wine allocations would be the same, only the special Wine Tour ones.


God knows how this would work! I can’t see my local Lidl staff stopping anyone from buying as much as they want. Personally, I never buy more than 2 or 3 of these, if I come across them, but that’s more to do with me hating repetition. But honestly - I don’t see how this can feasibly be managed in a high street supermarket.


Last night with another couple we enjoyed these wines - golden oldies bought soon after the respective vintages. All were delicious, the whites having retained
excellent acidity and the red plenty of fruit.


I don’t remember exact numbers but I think the limit was moderately high, 12 of any one wine per person I think. And I guess that more than that would catch the attention of the person on the till.


A couple of midweek wines this week,

Both white burgundies. From the right first - this is a society wine and is indeed still listed. Very nicely balanced. This has seen oak, but the grower has not allowed the oak to take over, but form part of the blend. Quite a gentle wine, not one that shoulder-barges its way into your meal. Recommended.

Now for the second one. In case you have trouble with the label, it’s 1990 St Aubin, Les Frionnes by Raoul Clerget. A 1990 minor white burgundy? Madness, surely? Well, no. A couple of years ago, I bought at auction a case of a dozen 1990 white chardonnays - 10 were St. Aubins from assorted growers/negociants. The remaining two were from California. This is the last bottle of that case - all were fine and not a single one was oxidised. Even factoring in the buyer’s commission, they came to about £3.90 a bottle. But before you start posting “jammy b****r” comments, just remember the other cases not mentioned which had wines that were shot in them!

I only mention all this, because it is illustrative of how far white burgundy has sunk. No doubt a combination of over-late picking, rubbishy corks, low SO2 levels plus other things that led to the disaster of premox in the mid 1990s. That, plus an unhealthy dose of producer arrogance.

Oh yes - it was delicious! Perhaps a little on the heavy side, no doubt reflecting the vintage, but with that concentration of flavour that bottle-aging brings. A great end to a lovely summer’s day with a meal outside.


This is great with a spicy butterbean and tomato casserole. Light to medium bodied and bright fruited. Lovely slightly chilled.