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Midweek Drinking Thread [1-5 July 2019]


Been a busy week here. Opened this Italian red on Tuesday, which i really enjoyed. Don’t recall seeing Italian grenache before, but apparently it’s called Tai Rossi in Veneto. Most enjoyable. Red berries & bramble notes on the nose and palate. Medium body, fresh acidity and smoooooth tannins. Delicious both with sausages and without!


Followed on Wednesday by the July monthly tasting at my favourite independent German wine peddler - The Winery.

Didn’t get on with the French Vermentino, but the Sekt and other whites were great, particularly the Riesling, super concentrated, late-ish harvest dry delight.

Loved the pinot noir, the Bordeaux was nice, concentrated cassis, bit savoury but on a hot evening with no food didn’t excite me. The red provence not my bag at all, jammy and a little sweet.

Didn’t buy anything from the list, but did pick myself out a near-30 year-old spatlese trocken from Schloss Schonborn as a birthday treat!

Sorry for the crumpled notes, rescued from my pocket on the train home.


Aaaaand tonight got home to find my wife had opened this:

Perfect after a crazy hot day at work. Mixed reviews but I fall on the favourable side, don’t get the petrol aromas at all, but the lime comes through quite strongly. Not showing its age at in my opinion, very lively acidity and bags of fruit.


In the rush to praise Lidl, don’t forget ASDA! Getting my car washed the other day I had some time to kill and wandered the aisle. I was delighted to find that their Wine Atlas range, although somewhat reduced in number was still going. Picks for me were the Feteasca Neagra and Feteasca Regaela. Both £5.25 but with 25% off in a mixed six.

The FN is an absolute cracker, great perfume, fruity, fine tannins and a real glugger. Even better with 20 minutes in the fridge, this is the quintessence of summer reds…

If you haven’t tried either, prepare to be wowed.


I didn’t quite make it to the end of the week, and nor will this bottle:

Had this chilling in the fridge, and it’s a great cooler after a few tough hot days - very pale, fairly simple on the nose and palate - rock/salt, slightly herbaceous and a little citric, nothing in your face about it other than the 14% ABV which gives off a pleasant buzz. Quite moreish. Don’t gargle it…


Snap! I bought a couple of these in ASDA today, after reading praise in Decanter for it (I think it won a gold medal or some such recently?)… Wish I got the Neagra too!


I think you are spot on @NeilS!
Both are quintessential ‘Summer in the Garden’ sippers. And at the price, perfect for unexpected guests, pre-dinner, with BBQ etc etc
And as @Inbar says, the Regala won Gold in the Decanter World Wine Awards
The Neagra also has won silver at IWC.

OK, is this now sounding too much like a sales pitch? :grin::wink:


thanks for the info - I’ve never seen any “special” bottles in mine …its the only reason I go in (well, I did buy a bottle of vimto in one the other week :rofl:)


I’m sure I don’t know what you mean! :wink:

Anyway, just got the husband’s blessing to go back and get some more of each. He must be unwell :thinking:


Haha, good on ya Mr @Inbar! (Martin)

Appreciate the support… not to take anything away from TWS sales of course, but i mean £3.94 per bottle - what’s not to like?!


Interestingly, we did buy another Romanian wine - in our last WS order, which also got a very good review in Decanter:

…not quite as cheap - but looking forward to trying all these new grape varieties! :+1: