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Midweek Drinking Thread [10 to 13 June 2019]



Opening a bottle of Aldinger Lemberger Trocken 2015, bought as part of a bin end case and costing under a tenner. Something a little medicinal about it (in a good way) red and blackcurrants and rosehips. A lot of wine for the money, think it will work with tonight’s sausage casserole .

Must say I’m really taken with Aldinger’s wine in general. The wines currently in stock are high up on my wishlist.


Leave it with me! :+1:

Maybe one day giving away white wine will feel like depriving yourself…? :wink:


Very fruity and ticks the boxes … but why I’m drinking a Rosé in weather like this is beyond me … …


First wine for a little while tonight, this 2015 Rizzi Langhe Nebbiolo

I haven’t had a lot of nebbiolo, but this seems pretty textbook to me- pale, tannic, some red fruit and floral elements present and correct. Changing a lot in the glass, with strawberry and cherry and a sort of medicinal/menthol/halls soothers vibe. Even with a few hours in the decanter the tannins and acidity are prominent, though it is delicious (and matched well with an Italian-style ribeye steak). Will leave my other bottle a year or two.


Well we are in the Dordogne being underwhelmed by Bergerac rouge et blanc. The Monbazillac is phenomenal but the best Bergerac we have have drunk were a couple of Tour des Gendres wines, red and white, from a supermarket. When we went to the vineyard of the same name these were dismissed as wines for ‘La Grand Surface’ and were not for sale. They were, by far, the best value Bergerac wines we have tasted.

Anyway tonight we are tasting on behalf of a friend who likes her wines red and cheap. So it’s a bit of a struggle but with the aid of the local wine shop we can buy a half a case of drinkable wine for less than €20! If she doesn’t like it we can use it to cook with.:crazy_face:


Ooooo i had their spatburgunder… Tremendous value!


Tonight Salem wine Co Pinot Noir 2015, Oregon
Simple and a little dull to start. Come around in the glass, nice mid week Pinot, red fruited and medium length. No real complexity or depth. But what do you get for £20 from Pinot nowadays??:frowning:


Surely you stocked up with the real stuff at Tour des Gendres while you were there?


Do search out wines from the appellation Pecharmant which is a hidden treasure a very small A.O.C. on the north side of the Town. I have enjoyed Chx. Tiregand and Corbiac which I also visited.


Indeed we did.


Lots of love here on the community for Nicosia wines. This is a great raspberry fruited fun, fresh, light red. Deliciously simple.

Hope the 2018 in in stock soon!


Sometimes its nice to open a special bottle for no reason.

This could be three yers old not 13, absolutely delicious and such an amazing smell, with all the red fruit, polished wood, leather bound books and open air spice market going on. Great for a wet Thursday June night!


Hoping that ONE DAY TWS get Occchipinti or COS frappato :wink:

Tonight Podere dei Ginepri Coste della Sesia 2012, Nervi. This is seriously good wine, better than any Langhe Nebbiolo I’ve ever drunk (I probably haven’t drunk the very poshest addresses). Extravagantly perfumed, light in body and (especially) colour and yet somehow substantial and with many layers. Above all dangerously moreish. Delicious and yet profound.


I found this in the garage:

“British Wine”


Back label says it’s made “from imported grape juice”. Doesn’t say whether it’s from in or outside the EU, so I guess it’s just as likely to be from Hill Of Grace as Richebourg…

…right? :crossed_fingers:

Well, I tried to find out more from their website but got a 404 :roll_eyes:

And sadly, the now-empty glass confirms, surely, that the grape must was in fact recovered from a landfill site. Somewhere hot :face_vomiting:

Mind you, the serving suggestion on the back label is hardly a ringing endorsement of their own product, as it basically says the best thing to do is to make a punch out of it.


Sneaking in Before the buzzer at 2105 on the 13th during this mid week drinking thread is me with Robert Debuisson Morgon 2016. I’m on a Beaujolais exploration (helped by TWS media on the subject) and this is the best of the half dozen I’ve opens so far


Julian Schaal is my current favourite Chablis knock off. Saline, wet stones but with a nice bit of crisp apples. The last of a six pack of Baudry domaine 2015. Gourmand, easy drinking, versatile with bright fruit, a touch of funk.


A bottle of Burlotto Pelaverga 2016 this evening;

The first bottle was horribly corked, quickly opened a second which is a delight (as were the first 7 from the case). I always enjoy a slightly chilled Pelaverga, especially from Burlotto.


This is going down a treat for me tonight:

Prodigious wine…


So, it’s homemade pizza tonight - passata (with a hint of chilli), shallot, mozzarella, sliced mushrooms, proscuito, some strong cheddar and basil leaves… mmmm…delicious!

With the second half of this lovely red wine -

loads of baked red fruit, backed up by some smooth, drying tannins. Perhaps a bit of a beast for a simple pizza, but very tasty nonetheless.


Had a glass of Occhipinti’s SP 68 Bianco last weekend, the first time I’ve tasted one of her wines. Glorious stuff!