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Midweek drinking thread [15-18 July 2019]



Lovely spicy, yet elegant Petite Arvine. A lovely Swiss variety, at a non-Swiss price.


A night in London and so chose to hang out at the Sir John Balcombe just around the corner from Marylebone Station.

Decent selection of beers if you are passing through.


Opened a Syrah Grenache tonight, goes great with charcuterie and also helps cooking a Hungarian bean stew. Whacky label, delicious wine.


Ooooh sounds good :ok_hand:


It is closer to a soup now than a stew. I am not posting the recipe, as applying the nose to tail ethos means it might be less than palatable to some.


Hot and sticky day today, so pulled this out of the fridge when I got home:

Delightful. Just peachy.


Assume there is no rush to repatriate my bottles from Member Reserves?


What a great label


Very noble of you, letting no part of the bean go to waste!


mike i’ve got the lot reserva, selection special, and prado enea.
they all need time, if you can wait that is.


I did that last year and enjoyed them both but preferred the Exhibition. I seem to remember it being more interesting, more defined, whereas the Les Jalets came across a bit simple (possibly too young, it didn’t stay open long enough to evolve much). Look forward to hearing how they compare at this point.


It’s going to have to wait until I receive my etos as, being the sole wine drinker, I don’t want two bottles open at once! But that should be in the next few weeks.


I’d say not. It lovely of course but if you’d like some added complexity then give it a while.


Thank you. Hands off then!


Have been trawling the internet for wine and quiche pairings, and there seems to be an overwhelming preference for champagne. It’s not my everyday drink but who am I to argue with the might of the internet?

Anyway found an obliging bottle of Taittinger in the fridge, not vintage I hasten to add, and am very much enjoying it. It’s been a while since the last but I wonder if I should eat more quiche. Which reminds me, must take it out of the oven soon!


Germanic styles for our first crack at Tom Kerridge’s fish curry.

Hugel Pinot Gris for Mrs KW and the Kesselstatt scharzhofberger 2008 for me. Curiously no definition of type on this vintage, while later ones seem to specify kabinett, spatlese etc



2017 Dr Loosen Urziger Wurzgarten Kabinett 2017. Cost me £12 as part of a recent Waitrose 25% off deal. Lots of piquant energy, coped with a south Indian curry nicely.


Good stuff, this one - and great value too, esp considering where it comes from!


That’s music to my ears, as swiftly ordered one after reading @NickFoster’s post! This plus the Dupuy de Lôme Bandol rose (thanks to @Embee’s post) will soon be gracing the wine fridge.

Shame it’s rather difficult to find wines from Val d’Aosta. Some Cornalin would be nice…


Fumin even nicer!

I think they’re rather missing a trick with these wines - along with (Ribeira Sacra) mencía, cerasuolo et al they make much better summer drinking than the classic stuff - I mean, who wants to drink Rhône or Bored-o in warm weather? Every year I run out of this type of wine, while the old suspects languish year after year in the wine racks.