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Midweek drinking thread [15-18 July 2019]



It’s so rare that we get over 20C up here that the old classics work just fine. Don’t know whether to put a smile or a frown after that so here’s both! :frowning: :slight_smile:


Too cold for me down here, let alone up in the tundra :smiley: Still, looks like we may be getting some civilised weather next week…


This is the problem isn’t it - we end up with a ton of wine that ‘goes well with game’ and for at least four months of the year this is the last thing anyone wants to cook and eat.


Was feeling like some Nebbiolo on Tuesday so opened this from a new producer (2015 was the first vintage). We visited Marco in May and this was one of the few bottles he had left of his first vintage.

They also make a Barbera and a Barbaresco is due for release next year. Really enjoyed this when tasting at the winery and I picked up a six-pack from the UK importer whilst still on the holiday.

Lovely inviting nose of roses and violets. Palate starts pretty big with some dark cherry fruit. Seems to lighten a little with time and reveal its red fruited side. I really like this, very much in the baby Barbaresco style.


Quiet Monday and Tuesday. Had half a bottle of the WS Sicilian Red with some pasta with tomato, olive and pancetta sauce.

First bottle of the 2015 vintage. Maybe not quite so good as the last two - not quite the depth of flavour and ‘warmth’ to it but still a nice glass.

Yesterday, friends for lunch, also WS member. We always have a somewhat ‘long’ lunch…started with this:

As aperitif then with watermelon, black olive, feta and mint salad. Although this wine isn’t quite my taste, it went very well with that.

Next we had this with smoked salmon from a fish I had last month. 2014 vintage and just coming round now.

Then this with roast saltmarsh lamb, Ayrshire tatties and fresh peas.

A nice forward vintage. Lovely bouquet, not the longest finish but very drinkable now. We also had a glass each of this by Coravin for comparison.

Interesting - the colour was still good, browning a little at the rim, bouquet was pretty restrained, still good fruit flavours, but just fading and drying a little. Good finish, with haunting taste like fruit tea…still a lovely wine, but beginning to crack up a bit now. Not bad for 30 years old though.

And finally…finished off with a small glass of this from a previously Coravine’d bottle.

This is a great wine from an average vintage, at its peak now I think. Bit of sediment here as it was the end of the bottle and not decanted.

We had the last two with various cheeses. No dessert wine, probably just as well. A quiet evening was had…until next time…we do this twice a year. Any more often and I don’t think the liver could take it now. At least it was claret this time - last time we majored on southern Rhone, which made for a thick head the next day.

The whites weren’t finished, some left for tonight with the Sicilian red…