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Midweek Drinking Thread [18 to 21 November 2019]



Another six hardly matter then :wink:


Not too much then :+1:


That’s just the Rhone, and 90ish of them are red…


The case size being six is a factor…you guys must be on commission from WS…


Enter the Dragon - day 2! Tempted to say even better, but certainly not worse. Delicious with salmon fish-cake.


I wasn’t going to drink this evening, but frankly, I got so bored of lying in bed and feeling miserable, and I needed some aesthetic pleasure of sorts… that’s my excuse, at any rate. The husband was adamant he wasn’t going to drink, so opened this 2018 ‘Solara’ orange Romanian wine:

If you ignore the truly naff label, the wine within is actually rather delightful! It’s got a bit of everything - fruit (apricots and pear), herbal (bay, perhaps?), floral (orange blossom) and ‘other’ notes (peach kernel, delicate vanilla). A blend of Feteasca Regala, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Tamioasa Romaneasca, it’s got a chewy texture, present tannins and a decent finish. It’s lively and zesty, but also quite weighty and very food friendly.

Not bad for £9.99 and will definitely buy again. :+1:


@Inbar, if you like that, you may like this…
Who knows, they may even be the same wine :man_shrugging::wink:


We had this tonight with left over cold roast beef and jacket potato with gravy

My wife said “Oooh this is a bit too good for a Wednesday night” so I think that means it was a winner.


Ha ha! You just saved me £3.99! :smile::smile:

I did see this one in ASDA recently, but didn’t put two and two together…! :+1:


Always happy to help!


Your point being ??? :rofl::rofl:, I’m about the same but vfm is vfm :wink::wink::wink:


This last night paired with chili con carne

This would definitely be classed as a jammy fruit bomb! Not usually my thing but actually paired really well with the food. I also just found out that it was International Zinfandel Day yesterday apparently so the selection was doubly appropriate.


Tonight is was venison with the Esk Valley Merlot, Cab Sau, Malbec blend from the Hawkes Bay Gimblet Gravels. Whilst pleasant, I have tasted better while here. However, I did think the following applied to each time I bought EP

My notes on the wine were:

Clean and bright. Deep red centre, red rim. Clean nose. Medium intensity. Black currant, plum, soft oak. Clean palate. Dry. Medium acidity. Black fruits, plums. Hints of vegetation, blackcurrant leaves - under ripening? Nice Bordeaux blend but not knitted. Nice fruit, acidity and tannins. Lacks concentration but good with food.


Tasting at The Winery last night. Tasting notes below very thorough so not going to add much to them apart from my overall impressions.

Sekt was tasty, quite rich compared to others I have tasted.
Weissburgunder also good, not tried many German examples before, the creaminess described in the notes coming through.
All three dry rieslings (I also tried the Marienberg trocken) were excellent in their price points, particularly the first at £10.99. Couldn’t walk away without buying a bottle of the Marienberg though, very tasty indeed.
For the off-dry styles, I preferred the Kabinett. A bit more expressive the delicate sweetness offset beautifully by the acidity. The Spatlese seemed a little closed on the nose - apparently still very young.
Spatburgunder was tasty: delicate, fruit forward but backed up with savoury undertones and great acidity.

Was a great pleasure to meet Gerrit Walter - charming young man who had disappeared for one night from his wife and new baby. He and other young winemakers in the Mosel clearly have a mission to keep driving standards and quite an impressive vision for the area.

The final two reds were nice, both pretty full-on. I preferred the Fronton (and had another glass).


I’ve been sipping on this all week. A really lovely Bacchus made by Elise Lane. She has an urban winery in Gateshead and is producing some lovely lovely wines . I’ve just helped her with her Varietal regent which will be available next year . She has an off dry Solaris, Pinot Gris and a sparkling Seyval too called … “the mortal angel” :rofl:! A perfect name for a wine produced in the north east :+1:.


You are a lot younger than me!

You clearly have Scottish genes too…

The wine had opened up a bit on third night, still got a glass left, but might be a bit tired by tonight…hadn’t bothered with Vacuvin.


Wow, decent wine from NE England! Must be climate change benefit. Back in the day (the 80s) a bottle of Scottish wine went down in infamy as the single worst wine experience of the group of friends involved. Happily I was absent but Mr JayKay reported back very faithfully :rofl:


She purchases the grapes from “down south”, no way you’d grow decent grapes up here :joy:


Answers my question…I thought if you can grow grapes in Gateshead I’ll give it a shot in sunny Ayrshire!


Don’t I recall from somewhere that the Romans made wine in Scotland, or is that my imagination?