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Midweek Drinking Thread [18 to 21 November 2019]




I smashed a bottle of this a few months ago and was so furious I decided to buy some halves recently to make up for it.

I should buy more halves generally, they are great for limiting consumption when self-control isn’t your strong suit.

Anyway, lovely fruit, perfume, spice. Wonderful wine, great just now.


So he’s cheating a bit then…the grapes are ‘baltic’ to match the climate I bet!

The large country houses up here and in England often had hothouses to grow table grapes, and indeed still do on quite a scale at Culzean Castle near us, but only one of the grape varieties I’ve seen is used at all for wine making.


It is indeed drinking really well, needed some air, but no complaints. Certainly satisfied my Pinot craving. On the downside it gave me a small headache, which Burgundies normally don’t. Might be I am getting older (I mean that is a fact, it just there might be casuality).


Easing myself back in after a ‘low alcohol’ period, I have been using up stock from an Adnams offer. I like this brewery/wine merchant/hotelier, and for the price this Picpoul is pretty good.![61E74E93-D8B6-46E1-B993-AA606BA2252C|666x500](upload://rCOuIXBLYtxxWuLOkn5n1OBccg2.jpeg)


Did the image fail?
Let’s try again


There is evidence that the Romans were making wine in the north of England and Scotland. However quality was an issue.
I can’t remember where, but I visited a Country house where in the 19th Century the gardeners grew table grape vines in containers which were then wheeled in for dinner guests to snip grapes at the table.


Great notes, sounds a lot like the Bulgarian orange wine TWS stock ( which I enjoyed a couple of glasses of yesterday ). Hopefully the alcohol eased your back pain too.

In its defence, the tacky ‘orange’ sunset’ label made me laugh out loud !

Then again I’d have the bird design on this one as wallpaper…

…if I had the skills to hang it.


I really love the Auzells (wine and label :smile:)! I had the 2017 and loved its freshness but also its depth - a sort of ode to carefully blended white grapes. Did you enjoy it?


How many bottles do you need to drink to wallpaper one room, I wonder…


Yes I did, and quite a few previous vintages too. The first I tried was the 2011, no way was I going to pass up on trying such an unusual blend of varieties, even if they were from a producer unknown to me then.

Looking back, the only one out of the five vintages I’ve tried that disappointed was the 2015 which lacked the bite and balance of the others. 2013 was especially good it seems. 2017 was right up there too.


I only want the wallpaper on the ‘feature wall’.

The wall is approx 18m squared and if the label is, say, 10 cm squared, if my maths is correct then 1800 labels should just about cover it !


too bad TWS only has 1158 bottles then


Thank you from my liver and kidneys for pointing that out !


Enough to get plastered certainly?