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Midweek Drinking Thread [2 to 5 March 2020]



Congratulations, on both counts! :tada::grinning: surely clearing the mortgage is the best birthday present…! :+1:


Thanks! Clearing the mortgages has been a long time plan coming to fruition from the time when I was unemployed, eating soup with no family fallback to pay the rent.

The recent reorganisation of finances does make a lot more disposable available for wine also


Visited there (not for the first time) on Monday (wonderful weather and spectacular views) for tasting (all the wines tasted were delicious - no surprise there). Last year I bought a bottle of their relatively new Albariño which was superb. Got to taste the lasted vintage as “an extra” to the tasting. So good I bought a bottle which we will either drink whilst here in the Cape or squeeze into the suitcase coming home. I do hope the TWS lists it.


Typo. Should be “latest” vintage.


Wow @Claret1961, I’m very jealous ! Enjoy your holiday :smiley:


Thanks. We are enjoying it. Good news, not encountered any Italians :blush:


That Vacqueyras is a long time favourite of mine and, I notice, Rhone buyer Marcel’s too. I’ve yet to buy the Clusel-Roch but I ought to really since I described it as the king of the evening for me at the Roam the Rhone tasting.


Looks like we’re in agreement on both! :+1::grinning: and I thought that Clusel-Roch sounded familiar…!
I might just request it as a birthday present from the husband… Mind you, I already requested the Hermitage Blanc… At this rate he might just file for divorce! :thinking:


You’ll have to celebrate your highest honours with something, sounds like the Cote-Rotie could be it!


I made a Sicilian butternut squash stew this evening, so it seemed only apt to open a bottle of a Sicilian red. Decided to go for a 2017 Nerello Mascalese I got in Majestic for just over a tenner:

As you can imagine, this hasn’t got the depth and/or complexity of a good Etna Rosso, but for a rainy midweek evening it’s a very pleasant wine. There is definitely a whiff of that tell-tale Nerello wild herbs/wild berries note, as well as plums and violets. There’s also some unidentifiable spice. On the palate this is juicy without being fruit-forward (if this makes sense!), due to excellent acidity, savoury herbaceous notes and red berries that are just ripe. There is also some cherry and a touch of cinnamon/baking spice. Enjoying this very much!

Happy Rainy Thursday :cloud_with_rain::closed_umbrella:


I just wanted to reach for something uncomplicated. This was a gift from friends who are Naked Wines members, I am always a little wary but actually it’s good. Red fruit and Mediterranean herbs on the nose, sour cherry palate, not too tannic but a good rasping finish leading towards grapefruit tones. Bit short but really refreshing, not heavy at all.


First bottle of the week (if you exclude the Rhone tasting)…

Not sure I get the ‘peach’ as described on the WS website, but it is full-flavoured - in a good way. I’m enjoying savory herbal notes, green melon, perhaps a little citrus. Very nice drop.


First glass of the week here, too. Was avoiding the wine earlier in the week as there was considerable work stress and the two don’t combine well. All is rosy again, so had a bit of White Burgundy with some salmon, very Good, but feels it is about to go downwards from here.


Hopefully the wine and not your week!


A quick glass of Dom Bellene Beaune 1erCru Teurons 2010 A lovely ripe Pinot with red fruit almost into the cranberry profile and a decent length. Perhaps not for all you purists but great for a Thursday. At £32 from TWS this is GV nowadays.

last night we started and finished a Tahi 2012 , from Dom Treloar. A real treat, velvet tannins, bramble fruit with a wild Roussillon acidity and mineral. A welcome reward for a boring conference in Cambridge


Having a quiet Tesco Saint Mont again a few months after the first one. Having tried both Domaine Cauhapé Geyser and Chant des Vignes in the meantime I’m not finding it as good as I did before. To be fair though at under a fiver a bottle on a 25% offer it’s still pretty decent stuff, although a bit rougher than I first thought.


The Rhône Rangers

This was great with a seafood stir fry yesterday…

…peach and apricot fruit, a floral note and a hint of anise / fennel on the nose. Opulent peach and apricot flavours on tasting too with an underlying chewy cereal quality ( lees derived ?). Notable, and perhaps atypical, fresh acidity provides structure and balance. A clean stony fresh finish with good length iced the cake.

A beautiful wine, and considering its origins, good VFM too. Somehow I managed to press checkout on a six pack by the time glass two was drained, oops.

Edit - and notably low in alcohol for Viognier too ( 12% stated on the label ).


I also loved this wine.


I had my first bottle of this two years ago and absolutely loved it. I opened another at Christmas and was rather underwhelmed, but frankly I was three sheets to the wind at that stage in the proceedings, so I thought I’d open another this week and see exactly what’s going on with it. And it’s still a bit so-so: firm, cherryish fruit with some oak spice, getting sweeter with a bit of air, but it’s just a little one-dimensional. It’s very nice, but I want more than very nice for £21.

To be fair, the first bottle - judging by my gushing notes - overdelivered for the money, so there we are.

I’ve got one bottle left, so I think I’ll forget about it for a few years and see if anything clever happens to it.


Enjoying these two over the last few days

The Roussanne is as reliable as ever. I’d say from memory this vintage seems a tad riper than previous. There is a hint of sweetness but in the “sweet and sour” way that you also find in chenin blanc from South Africa. Great food wine and vfm.

The Syrah-Viognier was a bit surly on the first night but opened up nicely last night. Plenty of red fruits and the viognier just adds a bit of lift.