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Midweek drinking thread (25-28 November 2019)



Was just thinking that !:joy: Good to hear it’s drinking really well . I have a case put away, will leave it alone for a while :wink:.


Err, yes! :+1::+1:

It’s like a deja vu all over again… :smile:
Miguel Torres has presence in Chile since the late 70’s (I think!), so it may well be a family connection rather than a common name.


I have some bottles of the 2016, which won’t be coming out for a bit yet. Drinking window for it is about 2021-2035…though I suspect that the latter date will be academic for me. Nothing sinister in that (I hope!) just that it has no chance of not being drunk before then.

I suspect it will be more open that a Riesling from the same vintage though, and clearly tasting good now in the case of the 2017.


Torres Chile is indeed part of the extensive Torres empire! Separately managed though - don’t think there is much input from the guys in Penedés.


Yes, I see the Torres family seems to be rather widespread.


I have the remainder in the eto to see if it gives any more but I had expected it to be closed down straight out of the bottle but the opposite was the case - it leapt out of the glass. I presume with a little age the lychee flavour will recede and some of the creamy/bready notes will assert themselves. I am certainly trying to find justifications for a family holiday to Alsace!


Had a lovely BYO dinner tonight

WOTN for me was the Huet - dangerous for my wallet as TWS has some old Huets in stock! One of the best dessert wines I’ve had - maybe the best even.

Big surprise was the white from the Canary Islands. Some really interesting stuff coming from there.


The trouble of having been to New Zealand is returning to South American Sauvignon Blanc! Tonight we opened a bottle from Juan Carrau in Uruguay. The family originally came from Catalunya in Spain according to the back label.
The wine comes from the Las Violetas region, which is northwest of Montevideo. The grapes are fermented and left on their lees for 6 months. Hit reminds me of a Muscadet that goes well with seafood but has little more.

My notes were: Clear and bright. Yellow, green. Clean nose. Restrained. Hints of lemon. Clean palate. High acidity but with soft texture. Rounded, light wine. Delicate citrus and stone fruits. Interesting wine that is rounded but rather bland. Seafood wine.

Weekend drinking thread [22-24 November 2019]

Hi @Robin63,

I moved your post from the weekend thread to the mid-week thread, so that it doesn’t get lost. Hope that’s OK :slight_smile:


Where did you find the Llanos Negros wine?! Most definitely not available here, or even in Spain really! Carlos Lozano makes amazing wines from extraordinary vineyards - pre phylloxera vines, some over 200 years old, growing out of volcanic ash. And the island of La Palma makes the perfect place to escape the British winter :slight_smile:


One of the other guests bought it directly from the winemaker! Glad he did, it was sensational


Ah ok. Probably someone who read my thread on WP a couple of years ago! The 2000 Listan Blanco Is even better, btw. Matias I Torres is another La Palma producer to check out.


Are we still on the Big Reds theme of last weekend…?

First of six, thought I’d try it on the fruit, as they say.

Ow, stupid foil seal cut my stupid thumb, that’s a first. Now I’m bleeding all over the children’s pasta.

Anyway, it’s big and ripe, fruit and oak, but there’s some freshness in there too - a snifter of mint on the nose, a welcome touch of green almost hiding on the palate, and enough acidity to clean everything out before the next mouthful; meanwhile the tannins are prominent but squidgy and not at all drying. It’s a good example of its style and there are no surprises here, unless you count the minor laceration :+1:


Touch of blood would probably help with that oak I reckon :smile:


Yes, it was exactly your thread that inspired the purchase!


Feel I may be coming down with the dreaded lurgy / man-flu :confounded:
So hopefully this will kill off the bugs


Mid week budget buy…

The Society’s new French Grenache

I’m a fan :+1:. There’s a hint of initial sweetness, that herby “garrigue” mentionned in the Society description, a touch of warmth from the alcohol, bit of green plum on the finish leaving a smooth mouthfeel at the end.

I’m drinking this with some warm bread pre-dinner, but had a bottle on Monday with a pizza, it works well with both.

Splendid for the price and pretty much viceless.


Having this tonight with spatchcocked poussin

Underbrush, damp earth, forest floor, some meaty notes. Halfway through and it’s opening up a bit more. Medium length. Nice. I like it. Don’t normally drink much red Burgundy.


On the 2012 of the Kumeu River Hunting Hill Chardonnay. It is good, but does not exactly rock the boat. As others have noted the acidity is a bit too much. This wine really needs food that has zero sweetness.


Just enjoyed a beef casserole with this wine bought as a test with a view to buying more but TWS appears to be sold out :frowning: Stil quite youthful but well balanced - not sure that the extra-heavy bottle was good for the environment.