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Midweek drinking thread (25-28 November 2019)



Oh such joy in a glass !! :woman_shrugging::heart_eyes:


Is that a Zalto Burgundy glass?


No, I do have one though, just didn’t use it for the Muga .


A perfectly formed 2017 Cairanne ‘Réserve des Hospitaliers’ this evening, with some roasted aubergines and chickpeas in rose harissa:

This is my idea of a satisfying mid-week wine: good nose and an even better palate, pleasing structure and a sense of substance, despite the (fairly) modest price (£8.49 instead of £11.49 in Waitrose).

Deep ruby in the glass, the nose is medium in intensity with plum, blackcurrant, clove, black pepper and a faint note of vanilla. The palate is all ripe plums, Morello cherries and blackcurrants, and in conjunction with the baking spices – this tastes like a liquid manifestation of a Christmas pudding. Tannins are chewy, and could probably do with a couple more years to relax, and the acidity saves it from being too jammy.

A very cuddly wine, but one that offers a lot more complexity than the price would suggest. :+1: :wine_glass:


I must try more Cairanne. I’ve only had one and that a couple of years ago even though my comments indicate I liked it and should try more. Mental slap on the wrist in order!


Well if you ha e come down with man flu you have certainly gone down fighting! Glenlivet and a bottle of Burgundy. Fair play!


Indeed. Palate and nose still working so thought why not before it all goes the way of lemsip.


Happy Thanksgiving! No time for a proper roast this year so made a crockpot turkey stew. Picked up a sweet smelling CA pinot from the shop near work. Very nice but way overpriced imo. Considering opening a zin from TWS to continue celebrating once baby is asleep :thinking:


This is clearly a natural wine from the hint of volatile acidity. Lots of fruit intensity, brambles and spice. I expect this will get “mixed” reviews but I now want to try the white.


I did, and it is this:

Which, to be honest, is altogether too much. I do like the sweet, ripe, berry fruit, coffee and ice cream flavours but it’s just so OTT that I can’t have more than a couple of sips without feeling exhausted. The recent Joel Peterson offer brought big bold zins that were much more restrained and exciting. Of course they were more expensive too, so…


Vurgada 2016, Santa Venere Nice winter wine with richness but also balance from.good acidity. Makes a lovely showcase for the exuberant Nerello Cappuccio grape, normally a bit part player on Etna, but here playing centre stage with some structural support from Gaglioppo. Plenty of character, food friendly and good value. Another hit from Santa Venere, by far TWSs best find in S Italy (lots of other great ones that TWS didn’t find yet, of course!)


Last night with dinner for 4, we enjoyed these wines. The White Burgundy was matched with scallops in a pea puree, the Morey-St.-Denis with venison steaks and a Dijon mustard and cream sauce and the St-Emilion with the cheeses.