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Midweek Drinking Thread [28 to 31 October 2019]



I had this on Tuesday to celebrate my mums birthday. Cracking wine, soft ripe fruit after being left to air for an hour. Glad i have 2 more to enjoy.


Hope you get it back soon or a new one on the insurance - ouch there goes the no claim☹️


I made pumpkin stew this evening – this is the sum of my contribution to Halloween - so decided to open this 2016 Bulgarian Pinot Noir, bought from TWS:

This is my first Bulgarian wine, and I have to admit, my expectations weren’t exactly high (assumptions and preconceptions… human, all too human). I am SO pleased to have been pleasantly surprised! :grinning:

Very pale ruby in the glass – with distinct brick hues starting to show; lovely autumnal scents on the nose – damp forest floor, dried berries, cherries, a gentle whiff of spice (cinnamon, nutmeg) and sandalwood.

The husband tasted it blind, and this was his summary of the palate: “Lightness of foot, punchy acid, tangy red fruit (cranberries, redcurrant) soft and floaty on the palate, very mellow tannins, quite a long finish”.

This is a real find for the price – it’s got that Pinot lightless of frame and autumnal attractiveness, and it leaves such a lovely aftertaste – zesty (like an orange peel) but also fruity.

This will be a repeat order for sure! :heart_eyes: :ok_hand: :jack_o_lantern:

Goodbye to The Society's Red Burgundy

I opened a relatively cheap Lidl bottle of Cepa Lebrel Graciano Rioja Edicion Especial 2016 tonight, and have found myself pleasantly impressed. It’s a simple unpretentious Graciano; smoky, brambly with good length and finish, with surprisingly well balanced tannins. Not a bad wine at all for £6.99. I would buy again if I see it though won’t be going hunting for it.


I enjoyed that PN over lunch at the Summer Press Tasting!

Tonight, I’ve been enjoying this little number:

It slides down a (trick or) treat…


Cooking a curry and opened a 2015 Exhibition Riesling.

Very honeyed, peachy, limey, lemony aromas and similar to taste, with a very occasional faint keroseney whiff which I think I wouldn’t have noticed at all if I were not looking for it. This is nice stuff.
Not too sure how the curry will go. I’m using some quite old chili powder, which I think should be fading away, but which in fact seems to be stronger every time I use it. I’ m beginning to think I’ll never finish the tin because I use less every time. Perhaps it’s homeopathic chili powder.


Enjoyed this with a cheeky chicken tikka masala, after a busy evening of ‘trick or treating’ with a five year old, followed by dancing to Ghostbusters, Thriller, and the Monster Mash! Well deserved methinks. Happy Halloween! :jack_o_lantern:


Hats off to the TWS buyers, this is all you could expect (and possibly more) of a CD-R at this price point.

We are now well into the first case and it gets better with each bottle.


Miroglio is good. Maybe it will be Bulgaria that makes that elusive “Burgundy substitute”? Can’t see anyone else managing it any time soon :slight_smile:


I’ve worked myself through a lot of the W/S Bulgarian range, all very decent and the Miriligo Pinot is great. Some of the best value to be found imo.

Have had a relatively wine free week. On Wednesday we enjoyed this very much:

Good structure with nice mocha and plummy fruit. Would be a great Sunday lunch wine for claret lovers seeking a bit of variety. Not a showy wine, but satisfying, will buy again.


Gathering of local wine enthusiasts for a game based evening.

Good showing across the board. I’d forgotten the value offered by the Domaine du Tunnel St Peray and must buy some when it is in stock or ep

Beaucastel was showing plenty of elegance for 2007.

My barolo was lovely and in a good place. The 1970 monte real showed a short flourish of promise before the exposure to air killed it. Probably the worse for a decant due to a soaked cork which fell into the bottle when being extracted


Very decent CH, exactly as described. Not a patch on the Thalabert of course, but then it wouldn’t be.


Really sorry to hear that especially as you had only just got it.

Hopefully the perpetrators bad karma will return to visit them eventually.


Enjoyed these TWS buys with our daughter and son-in-law yesterday evening. The Contino was especially good.



Imagine the Contino 2010 is very young still?


Yes. Got another 10 years (at least).


How were the tannins @NickFoster?
Got a couple of bottles but thought the tannins might not be resolved as yet. TWS’ (conservative) drinking window of 2028 kind of hinted this to me so just wondering if you think it’s ready?


I’d say ideally drink from 2021. High acidity and tannin and will certainly get better. Just noticed the 2016 in stock…


Looks like a great game! Are the rules hard to learn? :smile:


I’m game if you guys are?!