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Midweek Drinking Thread [5 to 8 August 2019]



First informal meeting of the nascent Brighton and Hove tasting group this evening, so I’m bringing this summer red - if only as a feeble attempt to entice ‘summer’:


I have to hang my head in shame!! Not yet been to Moorilla or indeed MONA which is now the main attraction! It’s on January’s list of places to visit and now this beer is on the purchase list too!

There are some amazing beers coming out of Tas as historically it’s an important hop producer. The Moorilla Estate is very important in the history of Tasmanian wine as shown in an early 1980’s public info film on YouTube (spot the brief appearance of Freycinet which the Society sometimes stocks)


Nope, had me completely stumped


A mid-week treat last evening. The champagne had lovely biscuit/bready notes with all the great quality of the marque and the vintage. The demi-sec Vouvray (at 30 years of age) was in perfect condition and went beautifully with a Waldorf Salad showing a richness in the mid-palate and good acidity in the finish. The Rioja accompanied the cheese course - just half the bottle left from the previous day - perfectly. Finally, the Barsac showed lovely marmalade notes to match the bread and butter pudding. There were 4 of us to enjoy the evening.


Is that because you croweaters get lynched if you drink anything other than Coopers?


Thanks for posting the video. Watched the first 5 mins and will watch the rest on the train home. Not sure what has moved on more, filmmaking or winemaking.


My contribution to the midweek drinking thread…!

Night shifts over the weekend meant that Tuesday became wine day along with steak night! Tuesday’s trip into Birmingham City Centre meant a trip to Loki resulting in a 2016 Moulin à Vent Beaujolais by Domaine Richard Rottiers.

In the glass is a rich deep garnet colour with plenty of slow running legs.

On the nose are primary flavours of stewed plum, strawberry, blood orange, marzipan, beetroot and dandelion. Secondary flavours are suggested by double cream whilst wood shavings and new leather give tertiary flavour. A slight hint of cabbage gives a reductive note.

In the mouth there is an initial sweetness with little astringency. There is a huge amount of tannins not unpleasantly prevalent in this wine. The overall mouthfeel is thin but good. There is some mild alcohol burn before a lasting dry finish with a dandelion bitterness.

I like this wine very much. It’s certainly more complex than one traditional thinks a Beaujolais should be. It’s edging on Burgundian levels of complexity. It’s still young and I feel a few more years would soften the tannins and open out the flavours.


I like an imperial stout and will no doubt enjoy that next January in Tas! However our favourite Tas beer is from the Hobart Brewing Company - their Eisbock!

It’s relatively light at 16%!! It drinks far far too easily!


I’m still celebrating the arrival of a new boat so I’ve got a glass of Pierres Bordes to accompany my splicing this evening …

… should also go nicely with the fresh peas & pasta



Lovely inexpensive Gamza (aka Kadarka) from Bulgaria. As the descriptor says silky strawberry and raspberry fruit.


Well my son’s name is Cooper so guilty as charged I guess!


My Wednesday wine offering with mussels in a white wine sauce and tagliatelle

Tallest bottle ever! Bought EP. Bottle #2
Lighter side of Viognier at 12.5%
Quite elegant. I wonder if it would put on a little ‘fat’ with age? :thinking:


Do you think this is good vfm? I am constantly tempted but part of me thinks, if you want some Condrieu just hold your nose at the price and buy some Condrieu…


Condrieu it ain’t. Too light, not peachy/apricot enough.
If you want Condrieu lookalike but not the price tag, some of the Viognier’s from the south of France are worth investigating.
This is probably one of the best I’ve had over the years of searching


I’d have to recommend the Saint Ferréol Viogniers too. Excellent imo.




The 2017 vintage.

I love this wine, fantastic value. Have 12 left that were going for £6/btl at the end of the vintage and thats a bargain. Loads of flavour for that price. Rich fruitcakey and delicious. No idea if the 2018 is a good, hope so!


Only the coolest people name their sons Cooper :wink::wink:!


Breaking an enforced abstinence after a bout of gout (yes, ouch) I opened this:

2017 Jacques Saumaize, Mâcon-Vergisson Sur La Roche 13.5% £ 12.95

Purchased thanks to a brief yet compelling review from @tom at the summer press tasting:

Another cracking white Burg. I don’t think Cormac was enjoying these as much as I was. No oak here, which surprised me. Rich and buttery.

Butter! Rich! Sunny! Coating!

Couldn’t agree more, really surprising there was no oak involved (all lees ageing apparently). Ripe, tropical fruit balanced with mouth-watering acidity and a slight, savoury tang I just can’t nail down. Very enjoyable and a perfect foil for Wednesday night crowd-pleaser, sausage pasta https://www.jamieoliver.com/recipes/pasta-recipes/spicy-sausage-fusilli/


Just opened this Favorita (Vermentino), nice, bruised apples with a little tingle. Easy drinking midweek kinda wine :smirk:


Ah I’m glad my ramblings had some use! I really enjoyed that one.