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Midweek Drinking Thread [5 to 8 August 2019]



I went to a Benjamin Leroux lunch a year or so ago. The wines showcased were beautiful, especially the whites. I was sitting in talking distance from the man and asked how much new oak he used for a particularly rich tasting white. He looked at me as if I had just murdered his dog, but then very kindly answered ‘None’… One has to be careful.


Wholeheartedly agree. That would definitely be my other recommendation as well. I’m sure there are others out there still to be discovered.


Many a lovely wine sipped yesterday evening, at the jolly inaugural meeting of the Brighton and Hove tasting group; but this one topped them all:


What a beauty… And the “warm, woody finish” in the description is spot on! A wine to hug by the roaring fire…:heart_eyes:

Just wish I could remember which member brought it… :thinking:


This has impressed me in previous vintages. Have a bottle in the rack, but if its as good as before it has great varietal character, but lowish alcohol and a fresher finish than Condrieu.


Benjamin is on a recent episode of the I’ll Drink To That podcast where he talks a lot about this. I found it really very interesting.


Somewhat of an unusual choice for me

Very light, fruity, herby interesting muscat. Not something I’d usually choose but certainly would again for a hot summer night. Bargain at this price point.


Had a glass from my third bottle of this wine…

It is a good wine, but £14.68 on the table thanks, but no thanks. There is better Marsanne around for less (also Rousanne is even better)… I’ll just say Tahbilk… maybe I am drinking this too young (the wine, not me).


This perfect midweek tipple after s few long days in the office… Featured as good value (here, I think a Decanter pick?) and 25% off in Lidl on the offer when buying a mixed six.

Red fruits on volcanic soil, sweet but not confected, bitter on the edges with acid that doesn’t turn sour. Not overly complex but enjoyable and with enough interest to buy again. Good value, especially when at the local BYOB pasta place. Salud.


A sweet toothed guest round so started with this:

Lovely strawberry fruit not too sweet. Superb value, no need to be snooty about Rose d’Anjou anymore!

Then this:

Big fan of Muller Catoir wines for twenty years. This wine is on song right now, rich and fat for a riesling with great spicy length. Hope to see some Muller Catoir 2018’s on the WS list soon. The Haardter Herzog Rieslaner Auslese is particularly wonderful imo.


Well, no power all day, back this evening and probably off most of tomorrow. The joys of re-wiring a house! The kitchen is taking shape though, so sat next door enjoying a glass of a weighty red blend. I’ve had a few of the ‘same’ of these which have ranged from chunky to delicious. This is more the former but still nice to sip and while away the evening. Half a bottle left which might benefit from sitting overnight - we’ll see


Your builders will be delighted… :wink:


I treated myself last night because, well… just because, and opened this:

I has some difficulty getting into it despite my best efforts with this:

Which arrived with the bottle when I bought it! Cork still broke in half and half ended up in the bottle. never mind decanted and filtered and… wow, this is just so good ('99 was supposed to be a good year for Musar).

Red fruits with sour cherry still very forward despite 20 years. A touch rustic, in a good way. Beautifully balanced with oak, vanilla and silky tannins with a long smooth finish with hints of cigar box. This was so good I might just have to get some more (it’s still available at a little over £30).


A self inflicted accident yesterday required analgesic relief so this was chosen to partner some Ibuprofen and marinated chicken…

…full golden yellow colour. Aromatic and spicy nose with Vouvray like notes of orchard fruits, quince and honey. On tasting, similar spicy flavours to the nose, a rich weighty off-dry palate with, thankfully, sufficient acidity to cut and balance and a rounded, slightly honeyed, finish to end.

Individual and characterful with a flavour profile reminiscent of demi-sec Vouvray combined with the spicy richness and weight of an off dry Alsace Pinot Gris.


Sounds like a heavenly marriage to me! :heart_eyes:


In my experience Musar is just about hitting its stride at 20 years. The '98 and '01 are both good too.


In my view the ‘99 is superior to the ‘98 (or at least the ones I’ve tucked in to).

I would rank the 2003 I opened 2 weeks ago somewhere between the two.

Splitting hairs really and all a joy to drink.


I drank my first Musar just a couple of years ago, so it’s been a bit more of an effort to get some of the older ones and this was the oldest I’ve yet drunk. I now have '99, '00, '01, '02, '04, '09-'12 so I’m very happy! :smiley:


1999 was a lovely vintage for Musar, in fact I’ve never had a vintage of Musar I haven’t loved - there’s a lot of vintage variation but they all still have that unmistakable ‘Musarness’ about them :-):heart_eyes:


That’s a great selection and will provide enjoyment for many years to come. Im always amazed that you can get something that good with 20 years age for ~£30. I suspect many get consumed very young, but there is much reward with patience when it comes to Musar.

Its worth getting along to a wine event where CM are exhibiting as the opportunity to taste several vintages alongside each other is interesting. They also often bring out some older vintages if you show interest and chat. Ive seen and tasted wines from the 70’s and 80’s for example.


I have been getting the TWS Musar wines since I joined and first tried it and those are the '09-'12 ones. I’ve been getting the older ones specifically so I’m not tempted to open the later ones too early!