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Midweek Drinking Thread [5 to 8 August 2019]



I often come across this when browsing the larger formats:

Always tempted, but know nothing about the producer or vintage and never drunk a viognier from SA before so not ordered yet. 29 bottles in stock, so maybe never will :frowning:


I’ve drunk their 2015 Viognier and thought it very good.

I bought it because I saw a Constantia connection and I’ve always been very fond of Klein Constantia whites


Platter’s Wine Guide says of the estate:
The Myrea Family’s eyrie overlooking False Bay continues to attract visitors in droves …… The top-tier producer has established a stellar reputation in just two decades after a devastating wild fire in 2000 destroyed commercial forestry plantations on its steep slopes and forced the switch to vines. Consultants had carte blanche with regard to new - terraced - vineyards and advised the planting of shiraz and viognier.

The review of the 2016 is:
“Creamy richness countered by lively nectarine freshness, barrel ferment and stirring ramp up complexity & heft on persistent palate.”

It was awarded 4.5 red stars


Thanks, might be my next magnum purchase


Very impressed with the 01 Moose on my last acquaintance with it. 99 is of course a classic. I don’t rate 03 as highly.

The other night…
Movia Veliko Belo 2009
The top white from this venerable Slovenian producer, a blend of PG, Sauvignon and Rebula/Ribolla. Very impressive wine, certainly has many years to go. Lovely nutty aromas, not fruity of course but less overtly “natural” than i had expected.
Moric Hausmarke 2017
Lovely fresh wine, just the sort of thing I want to drink in summer. Deep colour and rather more body than I expected. Beyond me how anyone could consider this acidic or watery, as some seem to have. Looking forward to revisiting this two days on - I’m sure it’ll still hold plenty of interest.


Drinking this one right now, and enjoying it!


The Gnarly Head Zin did mellow a little by day two, the alcohol heat definitely subsided.
The Plum & Cherry were pretty obvious, but the final analysis is that the underlying sweetness and lack of structure make this unattractive to my palate.
You can’t win them all. :sob:


If it still exists (I hope it does) there is another good vineyard on Tasmania called Three Wishes. I also tasted several experimental wines from Tamar Ridge that had special labelling or something titled Research Series 74-1 Gewürztraminer. A great place for wine hunting.


I seem to remember driving past it in January on a trip around the Tamar Estuary. We stay in Swansea on the East Coast which is where the East Coast wine region is mainly centred. It really is something when you can go into the local bottle shop and have shelves and shelves of locally produced fine wine for sale. Tasmania is rightfully proud of its position as an almost exclusive fine wine rather than mass produced producer with many restaurants carrying almost exclusively Tasmanian wine lists. The grape varietals are now expanding with really good and award winning cool climate Shiraz now making an appearance. Obviously very little makes it to the UK but thankfully TWS does import from Tas which is why I joined the Society.