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Midweek drinking thread [8-11 July 2019]



That Barolo is now finished (12 in reserves to drink to the mid 30s or my late 50s…) and now looking forward to this midweek that should provide some interesting drinking. Opening the 2014 William Fevre Chablis tonight. Great white Burgundy vintage and a wine that always delivers… What are you drinking this midweek?


Opened a bottle of Petalos 2016 tonight, having given it a light chill in the fridge. Nice crunchy fruit and some spice.


Having this tonight

Really interesting and lovely stuff. Drinking well now with tannins and oak fully integrated.


Opened this on Friday and vacuumed til this eve so having a little glass with a friend.


This tonight. I was expecting a lighter style nebbiolo and that is what I got. So similar to the Thymiopoulis xinomavro from last night that I had to do a double take on the label. Maybe a trace more violet on the nose but otherwise… Very good.


This is our last drink before Copenhagen on Thursday, so we made it a summery light red in anticipation of a holiday:

It’s a 2017 Bushvine Cinsault made by Fairview, and I got this in my recent WS order after thoroughly enjoying a Lidl South African Cinsault (Purple Heron), and wanting to try another example.

Well, it’s utterly loooovely… you can sort of guess there’s some whole bunch fermentation, for its sheer fruit exuberance and floral notes. On the nose there is some cherry, cranberry and hibiscus, as well as something a touch ‘earthy’ (like freshly turned soil); the palate shows similar notes, but also some blackberry jam (so a bit of ripe black fruit as well). Tannins are rather subdued, acidity is lip-smacking, and it is even better for being slightly chilled.

I must say, I’m rarely disappointed with South African wines. They seem so well made, and really generous in their aromas and flavours. Off to fry some liver and bacon to go with this jolly wine! :wine_glass: :sun_with_face:


Opening this for my birthday today, really curious how it will show.


Happy birthday, @szaki1974! :tada:

I doubt you’ll be disappointed with the Nyetimber! Have a good one! :clinking_glasses:


Holiday essentials always includes a TWS box and a few wines… Perfect for a week in North Norfolk.

Happy birthday @szaki1974 - Great celebration drinking!!


Envious of your Copenhagen trip - absolutely loved this city and the Danish people. Obviously Danish pastries to die for from various bakeries, but can’t remember drinking much wine - too damn expensive!!


Taking a couple bottles with us, thankfully! :sweat_smile:

But oh, the sound of a fresh Danish pastry and a coffee… :croissant: :coffee: :heart_eyes:

Edit: that Pinot Gris is wonderful! :+1::+1:


Belated birthday wishes. Intrigued to hear how the Nyetimber 2003 was… everything you hoped for and more?


Really decent radio in north Norfolk btw.


Just about to watch my recording of Le Tour in Alsace with this half-bottle:

A bit extravagant for midweek, but it is only a half :slight_smile: I’ll raise a glass when they ride past the winery.


I was hoping it was drinkable… it is more than that, there was a slight bitterness on opening, but that is gone and what is left is a very decent fizz. Tasty, not mind blowing, but a real curiosity.


This is a superior Beaujolais - Villages, with blackberry compote and a hint of cherry jam. Just a hint of maturity, but still fresh. Nicer than many more expensive Cru Beaujolais I’ve had. Nothing earth shattering, but loads of pleasure for the price!


I will also say that the 2010 Classic Cuvee is great and the 2010 Blanc de Blanca is just rock and roll. Both better, but lacking the novelty factor… also not more expensive…


Yes, I was also wowed by the 2010 BdB when I tried it…
So, just the Tillington left from the collection mixed case?
I’m holding out for Christmas. :christmas_tree:


I am also hanging on to the Tillington for some reason…



We served this at a party on Saturday- but somehow I never tried it. There was half a bottle left at the end of the night so I stoppered it. Tonight I broke the usual no weekday alcohol rules…

All I can say is I am not surprised this has won so many awards. Better than many a “fancier” label.