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Midweek drinking thread [8-11 July 2019]



We served this at a party on Saturday- but somehow I never tried it. There was half a bottle left at the end of the night so I stoppered it. Tonight I broke the usual no weekday alcohol rules…

All I can say is I am not surprised this has won so many awards. Better than many a “fancier” label. Great VFM.


This one from the Society Summer Offer mixed case, maybe one for the entomology thread…

Second of two bottles. I thought it was better than the first one. More fruit, more refined and a touch of spiciness. Half of it with cottage pie last night. Other half tomorrow night probably.

It’s not as good as their other single village wines, but £3-£5 cheaper. Decent wine, though I still think that there may be better value from the Society CdR or the Grignan which are a bit cheaper.


I’m looking forward to Sunday. Members of TWS will know it’s Bastille Day, a major celebration across France. Viva le Republic! But do any of us celebrate it?

I’m a royalist, so not sure if I should join the French, and ‘bring up’ a decent bottle. Something stops me. I might have a pint of IPA instead.


Setting into our apartment in Galicia so plenty of Albariño and Estrella Galicia. First job today is some decent cheap glasses as this is the apartment offering


After focusing on drinking Bordeaux in the run up to my Bordeaux '18 EP decisions it was nice to open an uncomplicated but delicious wine last night:

I had the previous vintage last year and was not disappointed with this one. Some serious fruit up front (sour cherry?) with a bit of acidity that was just a touch over the refreshing point but balanced out beautifully as soon as I started eating. Very nice indeed and very easy on the pocket (especially with the discount I see it is now enjoying). Felt surprisingly light for 14% abv.

ETA: Despite the fact the box here says this is no longer available, if you click it the wine is still in stock. Confused, you will be! :wink:


Firstly many belated happy returns to @szaki1974. I very much enjoyed your recent musings on the Baudana Barolo from Vajra and was pleased to read you eventually bit the bullet.

I had a bit of a blow-out yesterday, firstly this…

…which was a lovely summer wine. Dry, fresh and firm with rounded orchard fruit flavours and a surprising touch of mineral complexity. Good with food, but equally good without, it was very much enjoyed.

And because one thing can sometimes lead to another, there was also this…

…which was just brilliant for the money. Similar weight and refreshment value to the PB but with more complex flavours, this was also delicious with, or without, food. I guess the idea of a blend like this is to encapsulate what Alsace can offer at a fair price. If so, job done. And a definite re-order.

Happy drinking everyone


Being a bit pedantic here but when we were in France one year on the big day we learned that the French do not call it Bastille Day at all. It is their Fete Nationale and we attended a village Picnique Republican where we were corrected when we wished the locals happy Bastille Day! Will never make that mistake again! :grinning: :fr:


A double celebration marked by Gusbourne 2013 Blanc de Blancs. Firstly we finally sold our flat but more importantly after major brain surgery my better half got the all clear :grinning:. Granny Smith and lemon notes and quite restrained yeasty flavours.


Lovely way to celebrate these two pieces of great news. Best wishes to you both and cheers!


Still on holiday so why not hey!
Bottle 3 of 4. A small taste tells me this is gonna be good :yum:



Some Lyrarakis voila Assyrtiko from Crete. This grape is producing stunning wines across Greece. Loads of mineral and citrus fruit. Got my bottle from Avery’s wine cellars in Bristol, but this can be found at Majestic. (More Greek wines at the W/S please!)


Congratulations, and glad to hear your partner’s ok. Less importantly, but in a similar vein, we’re celebrating exchanging on our house purchase and sale today. Also gone for Gusbourne, but the less fancy offering. Their 2014, hitting the spot nicely!


I’ve enjoyed looking through a lot of these wines, but then I usually do. Only one midweeker at this end, but a good one -

Hard to find! It’s now showing very much like a mature S. Rhone white, with the Chenin subsumed into the rather complex blend. Delicious if you like mature whites.


Lovely wine, tastes posh and so it should at nearly £30/bottle. Sweet fruit and enough tannin. Drinks like a hot vintage. I almost wonder if I prefer the 2013 I drank a few weeks back which tasted a bit more typical. I think it might need some time to settle down. Getting better the further down the bottle I go.


First night in Copenhagen - what a beautiful city! Had lunch out, with a nice glass of Kung-Fu Girl Riesling (delicious!), overlooking the harbour.

Decided to cook in the flat this evening, as we’re all exhausted from hours of walking. Made some pasta in spinach and cream sauce, and opened this 2016 Malvasia from Toro we brought from home:

Excuse the rubbish tablet photo…

Lovely wine! Pineapple, peach and orange blossom on the nose, with ripe stone fruit, as well as some tropical notes and a dash of spice on the palate. Good acidity, medium finish, with a pleasant citrus twist. Even the girl liked it, so happy faces all round! :+1: :sunglasses:


Anniversary celebration at the superlative https://sorrelrestaurant.co.uk/

The food needed to take centre stage here so we went for a thymiopoulos xinomavro rose which was almost Pinot-like, a great foil for a wide range of dishes of mainly fish and fowl. Followed by an Austrian Sauvignon beerenauslese with the stunning chocolate ganache dessert. Corkage is £30 so worth it for something really special - we will be heading back with some Cote Rotie in the winter. Very brilliant food in an unstuffy and relaxed setting.


The Pétalos really needs some hours open. It isn’t at its best within 2 or 3 hours.

I’ve found this is a bit of a common thread with much mencía. The Valdesil wine sold by Waitrose (now pretty much the only decent wine stocked by most stores) is, in fact, completely unrecognisable - it must have at least 24 hours open before it starts to show well, in my book.


God, this is getting stupidly expensive. Last bottle I bought was about £20 - and that wasn’t too long ago.

Another one to cross off the list… :unamused:


Temperature hitting 32 c in Vigo so this is all I can manage right now

Next stop is rúa pescador for some oysters and then lunch.

Have a wine shop to visit that has Finca millara el probibido mentioned on the off the beaten track Spain thread which I’m keen to try. And a decent white also. Local fiesta around the corner from our apartment and hoping to view the fireworks from our balcony.


Yea, certainly started very tight. But did open up nicely over the evening. I found the fruit profile a but darker once it had opened up a little more.

Will have to try the waitrose wine, and make sure to open in advance!