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More "Curry" Matching


Oddly I’ve always found Portuguese reds work well with spicy food - nothing expensive though. Our stand by curry red is usually this from Majestic :

Haven’t a clue why it works, although I still reckon beer is preferable!


This is such a delicious wine in general- and a house favourite! We love the Reserva Porta 6 too! :):+1:


It’s not quite the question you asked… but I do find curry & champagne work a treat. The more bubbly and less yeasty the better (the champagne, not the curry) for personal taste.
I’ve tried wine & curry extensively, at home, in India, and with wine flights at Trishna; I haven’t found a single thing that really works, save for the bubbles.
I’m not saying there isn’t anything, and I’m game for finding out, but any curry seems to obliterate the subtleties in a wine where the bubbles manage to dance through.


Oooh this is really interesting, something I’ll have to try ! Thanks for the suggestion @AVI6


I’m glad someone else feels that way too. Beer is just SOOOOO good with curry I just can’t be bothered trying to make wine work.


I have an idea! Have a dinner at the below and search for inspiration within their wine list!!

The food is fab.


Beaujolais works well. Fruit driven and light. Always find anything with tannins doesn’t work that well.

White wine really though :slight_smile:


It certainly looks so AND they have a gin menu :wink::wink:


I didn’t notice the gin menu at the time!! We’ve only been once, but must go again. Our seven month old son has other ideas for our evenings though…


Hi Leah. I’m a fan of the home made curry (usually chicken based) too and have never found acidity to be a problem, only too much tannin. Having said that, a fruit forward and ripe red like an Aussie Shiraz usually works well. Much depends on the weight of the curry. I have paired medium weight Italians like a Dolcetto with tomato balti curries and the acidity match works quite well…


An Alentejo region red is my goto curry wine. I prefer a medium, say sagwalla, than the hot stuff.

On beer I find strong & sweet works. Think Traquair Jacobite or Newcastle Star.