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Most recent live concert?



Really enjoying the first live concert thread - @tinderbox suggested a ‘most recent gig’ equivalent, so why not?

Mine was last night: Mogwai at the Royal Festival Hall as part of Robert Smith’s Meltdown Festival. Beautiful set.

First live concert

My most recent gig was Gang of Four, in 2008, I think, in that London building I can’t remember the name of… (the ‘hideous carbuncle on the face of an old friend’ one- is it Festival Hall??). It was utterly fantastic and noisy and gutsy, but that is probably me and gigs done. I can’t do crowds- I get really fidgety and impatient, and my tinnitus is unbearable, so sticking to jazz at home. Must be getting old! :roll_eyes:

First live concert

The Waterboys at the Cambridge Corn Exchange a few weeks ago. Not a decent red wine in sight!

Trying to think of a venue with a decent wine list… maybe Ronnie Scott’s? though I’ve tended to stick to the cocktails when I’ve been there…


Ahh yes! Was that part of the Meltdown festival that Massive Attack curated? I do love Gang of Four.


Sounds right! though I honestly can’t remember. But it was an awesome gig, and my husband was in heaven. :star_struck:
The ringing in my ears afterwards was horrendous, though (my late father used to say “just don’t answer” ha ha… it didn’t really help, it pretty much ended my love affair with noisy venues)…


Jim Mullen trio in Peterborough a couple of weeks ago. Mavis Staples at the Union Chapel next in early July.


Rolling Stones at the London Olympic stadium a couple of weeks ago.

One of the most surreal moments in my life was meeting Mick Jagger in the Caribbean during the Cricket World Cup in 2007 and talking wine with him for close to an hour. He must be a member, should try and get him on the community.


Nice! How were they? Friends who’ve seen the Stones always seem to speak of delight or disaster, nothing in between… Would love to hear Sir Mick’s thoughts on wine!


I’m far from a music geek and am easily pleased but I loved them and was in awe given their age.

Comparing them to wine, they are well past a Wine Society conservative drink date and they certainly haven’t been stored in members reserve stable conditions but despite that still plenty of energy and life in them.


Like an ancient white Hermitage. The acid is gone but the alcohol keeps them propped up.


The Pasadena Roof Orchestra at Letchworth’s Broadway Cinema and Theatre last Sunday.
Laid back '20s Dixieland and '30s swing - an absolute joy!


@Ewan Next years Wine fair band?


Geriatric Generation Wine? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Mogwai… at Latitude this year and saw them there a couple of years back. Haunting sound. So many more to see next month😎

First live concert

The last concert I went to was to see Caro Emerald at the Royal Albert Hall and she was brilliant. I’m not massive of going to live music performances but I am going to see Madness again (last saw them December 2015) supported by The Fratellis in December which I’m very excited about!


Vieux Farke Toure at the Apex in Bury St Edmunds. Son of Ali who I saw at Womad many moons gone. Seeing Kathryn Tickell next week at lovely local venue


Well played, sir - should have been there too (and to God Is An Astronaut earlier in the week) but circumstances conspired against :frowning:


Ah, no! :frowning: I had actually planned to resist the temptation this time around, but a friend and a spare ticket conspired at the 11th hour. Do like what little I’ve heard of God Is An Astronaut. Hope you’ve got some other gigs to look forward to


Fantastic! Last saw GO4 back in - ooh - 1980? A fine noise then and now (tinnitus permitting - sorry about that; must be a real pain).


Need to add to the calendar, as there’s nothing till the Pixies at the Roundhouse in October … any suggestions from the obviously discerning group here very welcome!