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Most recent live concert?



I saw Anna Calvi at The Roundhouse last month. She was magnetically magnificent, a truly wonderful performer, I really couldn’t take my eyes off her. Very good sound, fantastic lighting design, a 90 minute show with real dynamics and no longeurs. Her two backing musicians weren’t shabby either.

She closed with a visceral cover of Suicide’s Ghost Rider, woah !


Woah indeed - had to look that up on Youtube! Had no idea she covered ‘Ghost Rider’ - an astonishing song, and really enjoyed what she did with it. Must have been great to take that all in at the Roundhouse, too.

Thanks also to @danchaq for the heads up on Branford Marsalis Quartet: liked what I heard over the weekend.

Been a bit of a lean year so far for gigs by my usual standards, but business is starting to pick up. I managed to get to Oxford a couple of weeks ago to see Norwegian power-pop heroes Beezewax, who were on fantastic form, then Sleaford Mods’ album launch at the 100 Club. This month I’m hoping to catch Sumac (a very brutal and inventive metal band, with an increasing emphasis on improv and strange time signatures - hey, it keeps me entertained!) at the Underworld and Dälek (magnificent experimental hip hop) at the Lexington. Glad this thread’s still going strong!



Anyone going to see A Certain Ratio when they play London in May?


Thanks for posting the video Martin, I haven’t seen that before, fabulous. Such an astonishingly commanding performer. A special one !

Hadn’t been to The Roundhouse for many a moon, lovely venue, acoustics very good despite the volume, just the right size. Dreadful drink though.

Sumac sound interesting. Have seen bands at both venues, nice and intimate. Have a great time !


Pleasure (and solidarity re the Roundhouse beverage options)! Sumac are very intense and absolutely not for everyone, but they’re fantastic musicians. Either way, good for blowing away the cobwebs…

@NW3Andre - Tears For Fears are amazing and, to my embarrassment, I have to confess I didn’t realise A Certain Ratio were still with us! Been a long time since I listened, will have to go down another Youtube rabbit hole.


The drummer put out an album with Simon Raymonde from Cocteau Twins last year, on Bella Union.


Brit Floyd at Plymouth Pavillon- a birthday present for my brother. So loud we could feel the music as well as hear it. Brilliant singer for the Great Gig in the Sky, biggest cheer of the night. Also a fantastic saxophonist. Aficionados thought them not as good as the Australian Pink Floyd.


I don’t go to many gigs at the moment - not like I used to anyway - but I’ve just ordered tickets to see the mighty Devin Townsend in Cardiff in December.

Geeky and glorious - and few can boast a voice like his:


That’s interesting, thanks, will check their work out. Dif Juz’s first mini album Who says so? is one of my favourites of the genre in part due to the drummer.


Southside Johnny and the Asbury Dukes - last sunday 24 Mar at the Picturedrome Holmfirth. Live music doesnt get much better, with a few pints of Timmy Taylors…


I attended a Rolling Stone concert …………. in 1964. I expected the concert to be like a chamber music concert. I was astonished when the adults screamed like the children.


Deeply jealous. On my bucket list.


The worst concert I have ever attended (with the exception of James Brown) was the Stones. Jagger pranced, but the rest looked (and sounded!) like they just didn’t want to be there!


Free concert courtesy of Southampton University music department. One hour of VOS - we enjoyed it. Why not, it was free! They played this


Off to Leicester for a couple of nights of pure genius from Marillion

sadly means no decent wine this weekend but ho hum!


I’m off to Inverness tonight to listen to the Scottish Symphony Orchestra playing:

Symphonies of wind instruments (c.9’)
Now you hear me, now you don’t (c.15’)
Symphony No.10 (c.53’)

My first concert since last autumn. Very much looking forward to it. Apologies for applying a touch of class to all the heavy metal etc. (I’ve done my time head bashing to Led Zep and Black Sabbath back in the day!).


Ah, The Space! How many sore throats has that song given me over the ages…!

Haven’t seen them for a couple of years now but I was dead impressed that he was still (just about) able to hit those notes at the end of This Strange Engine. Pretty sure it hadn’t been transposed to a lower key or anything.


I believe the phrase is “play it loud and with the lights off” !

If you think, the space is over 30 years old and TSE is 22…to be able to still reach (most of the time) those notes is incredible esp with no changes to original register etc.


A couple of weekends ago we had dinner at Ottolenghi’s in Islington followed by a short walk to the union chapel to see Roy Ayers. He played the vibes without missing a note but he is getting on (79 I believe ) and looked quite tired at some points. His band were so tight and kicked it out. Great night