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Most recent live concert?



So the Stravinsky was… odd, the Schwertsik (a concerto for marimba and strings) was exceptional and the Shostakovich was overwhelming! Great concert!


Tedeschi Trucks Band at The London Palladium last night. Derek Trucks arguably the finest blues/slide guitarist going.


two amazing gigs - family commitments meant I couldn’t stay for the 3rd night. To have a band that has been going for 40 years is one thing…to have a band that can pull such crowds for 5 conventions around the globe is on another level.

From the first night - great seated view from he circle

2nd night - at the lighting desk…probably the best view and sound in the room


When did Pete and Rothers swap places?? Totally threw me that did!


a few years back now…it still throws me at times!

H having a keyboard up near Mark was the one for me this time, as well as h starting splintering heart from the circle and not the stage !


As long as he had his cricket bat with him :cricket_bat_and_ball:

Great set opener, so dramatic.


Went to see The Specials last week. A gig how I remember gigs used to be! Unbelievable energy from the band considering their age. The audience just about managed to keep up too!


My first concert was The Specials at Colchester Institute. I was 16/17, never heard of them or ska, but my mates were going. A highlight was “much too young”, that week it went straight to number one, a live recording, just not a that concert.

You can now all work out my age!!!


cricket bat and the return of the gloves…Quite special tbh as Demontfort Hall was the location for the section of “from stoke Row to Ipanema” that featured the gloves (from a “Rock Steady” tv show) …the lighting director was tasked with making a faithful reproduction of the “window” for them to be played on

Many years ago I was helping sort some bits at the recording studio and we found the original gloves at the bottom of a box!


Not too shabby for a first gig Russ!


Talking of first gigs; my first live gig was Emerson Lake and Palmer at the top Rank in Liverpool and my second was Santana at the Gaumont in Southampton (with Earth Wind and Fire backing). Not about to tell you how old I was though… :smiley:


Would love to have seen them in their pomp!


It was round about '72 and was a bit of an eye opener for the innocent teenager I was at the time.


I also saw ELP around that same time (the infinitely useful internet says March 1971) in Cambridge. Cannot for the life of me remember much else - I think I recall Keith Emerson sticking knives into keyboards…


Yes he was fairly renowned for doing that. On my occasion I seem to remember a small hand axe being involved. And the punks thought they had something new!


Went to see Dead Can Dance at Hammersmith Apollo a week or so back. Certainly an acquired taste but once you have seen Lisa Gerrard sing live you do feel that you have witnessed something very special.
Brendan Perry not too shabby either but he seemed to be struggling with a sore throat.
Set list was a bit different but still very enjoyable.


Went to the opera last night!


Brilliant performance of the magic flute by Scottish Opera in the style of… steampunk. (Actually a rival of their 2012 production).

Fantastic, brilliant, bizarre, surreal, hilarious. In fact everything the Magic Flute is and has always been meant to be!


Heaven 17, Holmfirth, Fri 24th May. £25 ticket, Outstanding - as was the Timothy Taylor’s. It was as if the 1980’s never went away.


Hello Mike,

I’m a man of your taste. I especially love Stravinsky. I think Oedipus Rex is my favourite work of his. Based on the Theban play by Sophocles, it’s still a haunting tale. For me, the narration needs to be in English.


I run a little hot and cold on Stravinsky, some of his stuff I find just a little too strange, however I love his Dumbarton Oaks to death.