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Natural Wines: Would you try them?


Fair enough. But the marketing of the wines is surely far more to do with the merchants that sell them than the winemakers themselves?


No wine just happens to be made with low intervention techniques, it’s a decision made very consciously by the winemaker. The distinction you’re making is surely only a marketing distinction?


I’m inclined to see that as a perfectly acceptable distinction. Inevitably any such discussion is filled with generalisations. I wonder how many of those who make a big thing of their wine being natural are trying to highlight a potential selling point in a wine that otherwise is lacking in them. Whereas marketers of a ‘natural’ wine that is good anyway maybe don’t consider it an aspect worth pushing.


What side of the distinction would you put wine makers such as Occhipinti, Cos, Lapierre, Ganevat etc? They all make outstanding, world class wines which are sold by natural wine distributors and natural wine bars, and have labels which don’t hark back to the 19th century… When I read people attacking natural wine it almost always comes with the caveat that they don’t consider all the outstanding natural wine to be natural wine, which makes it a pretty circular argument


I am still unclear what makes a wine a ‘natural wine’. It seems to be a term often bandied about, but with no actual definition.


This is a pretty good sulphur free Chiroubles. Worth it if you like young fruity Beaujolais like me.


Just finished this podcast. I don’t think it’s been mentioned above so thought I’d share.

Really interesting, listening to Elena speak about her reasoning behind her decision to go ‘natural’ makes so much sense. When it’s done like that, you can’t help but get behind it (and want to try the wine). Episode notes below

Edited to actually include the notes


Oooooo love the idtt podcast! The oz clarke one was fabulous!!


Haven’t had a La Stoppa wine for years now, but the Ageno white (2005?) was an early flag bearer for “natural” and an excellent wine in itself.


Just listening to the one with Katharina Prum now!


I also had the Ageno, 2010 I think, and was very impressed.


I am on the Zind-Humbrecht one with the Alsace offer and everything… Really want some Rangen Riesling now…