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New look, same Society



Hi everyone,

As this Community is a place for you to feel an even bigger part of your Wine Society, I wanted to let you know about some changes we’re making as part of our ongoing work to make sure The Society is fresh, relevant and able to champion to joy of good wine for many years to come! :smiley:

I think most of you will be aware of our plans to do this - we’ve discussed it a few times on here, (including during the Futureproofing your Wine Society topic fairly recently with input from our CEO Steve, and during our recent Ask Me Anything Q&A with the Executive Team) and it featured in our Annual Review, News, AGM etc.

I’m excited to say that from mid-July we’ll be rolling out a refreshed Wine Society look and feel!

What’s changing?

  • A spruce of our Society logo , staying true to our heritage but with a more modern style.

  • A new look for our website (everything’s still in the same place, it’ll just look fresher!)

  • Some refreshed logos and looks for services like Wine Without Fuss and Vintage Cellar Plan

When is this happening?

From mid-July you’ll see it online, in our Showroom and at our tastings. A few days later those who receive printed offers will see it in our new List pack, and a few extra things (like our vans and some of our delivery boxes) will follow more gradually over the next few months.

Were members consulted?

Yes indeed! As well as years of research, we spoke to members via focus groups and surveys to make sure our refreshed identity still resonated and stayed true to your Society. And we’re still interested in your views now - we’ll be doing more surveys, and also recording all feedback we get from you as we always do.

Have our values changed too?

No! Our purpose remains the same - to champion the joy of good wine - something we’ve done since 1874. :slight_smile: Our expertise and values remain at the heart of what we do - we’re changing how we express things, not what we say . And our priority is, as always, to provide you, our members, with the highest-quality wine at the best possible prices with outstanding levels of service.

I’ll give you more updates as things roll out, but I just wanted you let you know what’s happening and when. As ever, your feedback is welcome and encouraged here! :smiley:

And the new logo is
New website.... No links to community!

Looking forward to seeing the new look!




I sense another bipolar thread coming up… :joy:

I for one am looking forward to this. TWS design has been really, really good the last year and a bit I would say.




(Give us a sneak peak, go on)


Found the new logo appeared at the IWC awards
Any thoughts?



I was expecting something either very retro such as the logo used on the bin series or the wine society seal; or something very modern and abstract.


I expected something radically different.

With that said it looks a lot more modern than the current logo, which I initially thought was from far longer ago than 2013 or whatever it was.

In summary, I like it.


I like it too! simple, clean-looking, nothing stupidly fancy and does what it says on the tin. I’m actually relieved they didn’t go for anything too ‘modern’. Less is more. :+1:


I like it. Nothing too different, more an evolution.

Congratulations too on the Award.


I was waiting for someone to spot this! :joy:
Thought I’d move this into the rebrand topic so we can keep the chat in one place.


Looks good - as has been said, no need to change dramatically, just move incrementally.


I like this; simple, modern, clean lines. No radical departure. Best way forward in my view.

I’ve seen some truly dreadful rebranding in the last few years that attempts to be far too gimmicky and consequently fails. A classic example from 2016, if I recall correctly, was the British Mountaineering Council which decided to rebrand as ‘Climb Britain’ and within a few months were forced by the membership to return to the British Mountaineering Council. Apart from anything else the BMC does not cover Scotland; Scotland has it’s own 'Mountaineering Council of Scotland!


Love it. Nice clean lines and good font. Curious to see if there willbe multiple versions, eg one with just TWS or something for social use etc.


I’m know I’m not the most visually sensitive soul. I worked for nearly twenty years for a company which had one of the top ten global brands and every time there was a change in the logo I really couldn’t see the difference. This seems to me to be a good incremental rather than radical change in the VM (as the ‘brand police’ would have said in my previous life).


Somewhat disappointed that we’re 16 posts in and all positive so far. Come on community, I expect better. Is everyone just having a great time on holiday or something?!




I, for one, am outraged. I just haven’t quite worked out why yet…:wink:


Have to say I am fairly unmoved by the whole thing. Apathetic, indifferent, better things to worry about…


just disappointed its not already rolled out onto instagram, twitter etc after showing the industry

there…that better ?