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NEW #TWSTaste [11th July]: Wine Champs!



This will be my first #TWSTaste as well, looking forward to it!

I’m at Plumpton College for a wine tasting workshop that day so should be good to test out the improved tasting skills!


Do we have another member from the Republic of Brightonia in our midst?


Sounds it! We are multiplying by the day. Hurrah! :star_struck::clinking_glasses:


If this weather continues it will be a salad for the GV followed by chocolate ice cream for the Ripasso!


Afraid not! (though I would love to be!) - coming down from London for the day!


Ah! Well you’re in the 'hood, at least :grinning:
If you haven’t already, give Plumpton Estate white a go… Vinified by Plumpton College’s viticulture and oenology students. Very nice it is too!


Ooh very good! Will do!!


Just looked up their range online - impressive! Might have to try their First Contact - love a good orange wine!

Which of their whites would you recommended?!


I really enjoyed their Rock Lodge white recently - a very SB style white, with a Sussex twist. Cloudy Ridge rosé is very good too, as is their sparkling. Though the white is my favourite. :grin:
Am yet to try their First Contact - sounds interesting! :+1:


Good stuff! I’ve got a couple of other Grüners to taste through this weekend, a bit of homework for Wednesday!


I realise this was unexpected so …

What’s the plan with regard to holding this tasting while the rest of the country is somewhat transfixed by an alternative competition happening at the same time?


Could we just move it to Thursday instead as all the previous ones were on Thursdays weren’t they?


Thursday tasting good with me too, if it works better for others :slight_smile:


I’m good for Thursday


We discussed this earlier today and considered emailing everyone who has registered an interest offering a change in date. Believe me, I want to watch the match too!

The problem is, there’s no certainty that everyone who has bought the wines and intends to take part will have voted in the poll/replied here, so we can’t be sure that we’ll be able to contact everyone to let them know of the change. This would be a huge shame if some people have got something special in to cook/invited friends over to join in and opened the wines, and might only log in on the evening of the 11th once it was too late.

It’d also be unfair if people who have told us they’re taking part and bought the wines can’t make it on Thursday so wouldn’t be able to take part now - especially if they’re not interested in the football.

So our thoughts are: let’s keep it as is, and have the football on in the background, and we can all share football banter as well as talking about the wines and have a more laid-back event (with opportunities to pause for a few minutes while we jump around the room screaming after goals/respectfully question the ref’s VERY WRONG DECISION etc).

If people would rather join in at a later date/later that night, or post a bit less frequently than normal so they can focus on the match, they are very welcome to and I completely understand.


Sounds fine to me - nothing to stop us drinking AND watching (assuming anyone cares about the ball-kicking contest) - so long as people are at home to do the two simultaneously

I shall be there whatever happens!


Not at all interested in the football. Only hope those who are don’t throw their wine about like cheap lager!!


I’ll be there @laura… what football ? :rofl::rofl:


Me and MrJayKay will be transfixed by the footie but a simultaneous wine tasting will be a good stress reliever. We may not make many comments unless the game is dull or we are getting thrashed and we need some other activity to distract us from the pain.


I don’t mind what we do though posting will not be as frequent.
Beer for the first half then!