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NEW #TWSTaste [11th July]: Wine Champs!



I’ll be there with bells on! Looking forward! :clinking_glasses::blush:


Will probably tune in at half-time depending on what is happening, my other half not interested in the match and might well invite a friend round. Have the two bottles at the ready. My feeling was I would be still interested reading the comments even if unable to contribute live however.


Beer and nibbles first half

Wine tasting half-time

Finish bottles extra time

Large whisky for penalties


Quite a party!


We are defo tasting & watching, it’s gunna be a blast :sunglasses:


Disastrously I find myself committed to a work dinner tomorrow evening, and will miss both England’s semifinal and the TWS Taste. Seriously bad planning on my part :sob:

Will catch up with the game, everyone’s tasting notes and a glass of something to soothe my anxiety later in the evening.

Luckily I am very familiar with both wines being tasted - you’re in for a very pleasant evening with both, which will only be bettered by a resounding win for England in Moscow. :soccer:


I’m a bit surprised this is planned for the same night as TWS fine wine tasting in Guildford, and which now is also the night of the WC semi-final.
I couldn’t get tickets for the last event in Guildford so of course rushed to book quickly this time, and subsequently feel a bit conflicted about it. No refunds possible, not surprising I suppose, and I appreciate the start time has been advanced to allow more tasting time before the footie but it all seems a bit unfortunate. I’ll have to start early and go for speed-tasting, but this may not be the ideal way to approach fine wines!
Hope it will be fun and please say hello any other community members who are there.


Just to confirm - we’ll be starting the Live tasting thread as soon as it’s half time! :slight_smile:

I’ll post the link to it here as soon as it’s up… :soccer::wine_glass::crossed_fingers:


Hi Laura - can you tell me where on the website I’ll find the link to tonight’s online tasting, please? I’m relatively new to this, and find the website a bit confusing . . . With thanks, David


Are we saying 7.45pm rather than 8pm start?


Hiya @David_B - no problem at all! :smiley: It took me a while to get used to things too. I’ll post a link here on this topic around 7.45pm - but you’ll also find it on the Community homepage from then too - it’s going to be a topic called “LIVE: #TWSTaste - Wine Champs”.

@Inbar We’ll still start the actual tasting from 8pm - I just wanted to put the topic live a bit earlier so we can introduce ourselves, have a chat about the football etc. :blush:


Already started the white, sorry a bit early but unlikely to polish off two bottles in the first half.


Thanks Laura - much appreciated. ‘See’ you at eight!


Ooops - got carried away and have opened the white as soon as I got in from work, thinking it was a 7pm start :relaxed:

Will put it back in the fridge and pretend I never imbibed :wink:


I’m still logging in @laura but my little boy is running a fever . I’ve got him down but he may not stay down so I may have to bow out half way through.


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We’re live! Taste along here:

Sounds delicious @sally and @Winerack144!! Join us on the Tasting topic. So sorry to hear about your poor boy, @Leah - hope he feels better soon! Hopefully see you in a bit but completely understand if you can’t make it.