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NEW #TWSTaste [16th August]: Alternative Argentina



I have the two wine on order, so intent to be there, or rather here that evening.


@laura Afraid not this time as we’ll still be on our holidays in France. Plenty of wine here but will struggle to find anything not French!

Will be interested to hear views, particularly on the Chenin, and may well join in after the event.


Look like fantastic wines, but sadly I too will still be away on that date. I will definitely follow along but I doubt I can get hold of the wines here in France :frowning:


Just ordered the wines (and others!) with delivery on 14th so we will be there, :crossed_fingers:


I am gutted I am missing this… the most intriguing selection of wines.


It’s a shame, I can’t manage either.
Have guests that night
Might still get the wine though.


Just ordered and due to be delivered on Wednesday.


Seems like there’s quite a few people disappointed they can’t make this one… you’re all more than welcome to organise a followup tasting date here if you’d like to take part another time! :slight_smile:

@Croquetchris Hooray! Glad to hear you’ll be joining us again. I hope you’ve got the cheese ready too! :smiley:


Ooooh … intriguing idea - maybe we can ‘reconvene’ the tasting and keep this thread going after the fact. I will be back the following week (but still need time to place an order) but would be fun to schedule a second chance to taste.

Alternatively, we can just taste them ourselves and leave the comments, but doing it at the same time might be fun


I am a little nervous to be honest…Mrs Bags is taking the Little Bags away for a few nights including the evening this is on…my reticence stems from the fact that I’m at the 20/20 cricket for a bit of corporate hospitality the evening before. With Mrs Bags not able to contribute her share of the sipping and two bottles of Argentinian to go at, can you guarantee me that I’ll be able to turn the wheels of industry the next day?


No, but give it a go and make sure you’re wearing one of those clip-on safety ties, lest it get stuck in the wheels of industry while they’re turning :clinking_glasses::sleeping: :necktie:

It’s all good :+1:


Turn, stuck, crushed… heaven 17


To be honest Herbster, I don’t turn the wheels particularly quickly anyway but a clip on tie does seem like a wise investment


Been to TWS showroom this morning and included the two tasting bottles so my wife and myself will be participating for our first online tasting on Thursday

Also looking forward to tasting the Bogle merlot as recommended by @Nowt_in_my_glass a couple of months back - not sure when it will be opened but will give feedback - nice looking bottle though!


Ive just ordered @laura and am guaranteed they will arrive by 6.30pm latest on Thursday… nothing like living on the edge :rofl:. Mr. Leah is away off shore on Tuesday so it looks like I’ll have to power on myself :laughing:


@StevenGordon mine is due Thursday! Make sure you get your burger game up to scratch!


I’ve just come back from holiday so won’t be able to get the wines in time but I’ll be ‘listening’ in to see what they are like.


@Janles Not to put the cat among the pigeons but I believe if you order this morning you could get delivery on Thursday, so you’d have just enough time to chill the white before the tasting… :wink:

And welcome @StevenGordon - looking forward to chatting on Thursday!

@Leah sorry to hear you’ll be sans Mr Leah, but hey on the bright side: you’ll have us, and you’ll also have two bottles of wine all to yourself…


I’ve ordered both wines but I’ve got a clash on the night with La Maladie de la mort at the Edinburgh Festival. Can I use the excuse of art for an early start on the Chenin Blanc?


Do it!! @Sally :wink:…! Then report back when u get in later … the thread will be open :+1: