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NEW #TWSTaste: Curiosity Shop on 24th January 2019



Really sad news, @laura! As you say, this might make the tasting a little poignant. Far too young…


Really sad news indeed. I think it only right that we raise a toast to him on the night.



What terrible news. Absolutely will be raising a glass. :wine_glass:


Oh, how terrible.

Sadly I have a parents’ evening at school that night so may end up having to miss this, but will definitely buy the wines to raise a glass with you all


I’m new to The Community. Wondering how the virtual wine tasting works. Hope it is a great way to try new wines with friends.


Hi @KateK and welcome. It’s good fun and really easy to take part. Purchase the wine for the event! @laura has posted at the top of the page which two they are this month. Log in on the evening where a background to the wine and grower is given , then we all sniff together and then taste . Everyone is drinking th same wine and chatting about it on here . Hope you can make the next one :wink:!


The wine should hopefully arrive tomorrow. Let’s see how I get on. I think the tasting is in about 10 days time.