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NEW #TWSTaste virtual tasting - Rioja 'vertical', Thursday 26th March, 8-9pm



Will be joining the party with a CVNE Cune Gran Reserva 2010.


Nothing compared to some of the others but I have a 2015 Navajas Crianza. Everyday drinking so will be opening. I will be leaving at 8.30pm though to do the applaud for our fabulous careworkers in my garden.


I love that wine! Ooh I have 8pm for the applause in my calendar- have I got that wrong or is there a ripple effect planned?


I’m sure I have a 100% Graciano somewhere, but can’t put my hand on it, so I shall Coravin a glass of each of these three…

So looking forward to it after a horrible winter cold last weekend and no wine for the last 5 evenings.


I will open a Vinedos Barrihuelo crianza 2016. Must have cost more than a fiver as it has a sticker saying SECURITY PROTECTED.


Yay! Rioja

It is a busy night though. I also have my (virtual) choir on Thursdays so I will try to open a bottle (need to ‘rummage’) and try to taste, chat, sing and clap (at 8pm) all at the same time.

edit: I only have some single bottles (of Tondonia 85, Contino 96 and a couple of others) so I will probably keep these. I have 3 bottles left from an old favourite and I’ve not tasted it for a decade, so will try this I think


Too wet and too hot, respectively! I wondered if either would show up - I suspect there’s a better chance of the odd '03 being still okay, but I haven’t tried either for a very long time…


We have missed you soooo much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:! For anyone who doesn’t know, Rob founded this community back in the summer of 2017. It is fantastic to have you back ! Please stick around as a member now :wink::wink::wink::kissing_heart:!


I’ve just been on the phone to our local merchant and bought a crianza and a gran reserva from the same producer. Will know what they are, and the years, once I pick them up.


Just joined the Community this morning so please bear with! No excuse is really needed to open a good Rioja but this is one of the best excuses! I have a bottle of Altos de Lanzaga 2001 to open tonight. Already looking forward to it.


Baron de Ley 2015. Very jealous of the person with Vina Ardenza though!!


Yay, I’ve found someone I can fully share the experience with! I too am opening a 2010 LRA Ardanza, @SCWilko!


Also envious of the Ardanza 2010. I have previously tasted and it was magnificent.


We’ve got


We’ll be joining with a Glorioso Reserva, 2015 (from our last Wine Without Fuss delivery, no less)


This is my first post. I plan to open a 2013 La Rioja Alta Selección 874 Reserva, this was bought from a WS en primeur offer.


I’m so excited for tonight - it looks like it might be our biggest tasting ever! Wonderful to see so many new faces too and what a gorgeous line-up of wines we’ll be having. :smiley:

I also have fantastic news - @PierreM, our Director of Wine and buyer for Spain - will also be dropping by to raise a glass of Rioja with us! :wine_glass::smiley:


Wow this is looking like our biggest virtual tasting ever! ( ETA @laura :smiley: Great minds and all that…)

I’m thinking I shall be giving my 2004 LRA 904 GR a gentle decant about 2 hours before. Really looking forward to this! And isn’t it nice to have something to look forward to in these difficult times!


Sadly my cache is in TWS quarantine :smiley:

However looks like I might have to skip this now as feeling rather unwell… :scream_cat:


I hope that you perk up soon.
In the mean time, best wishes and keep safe.:+1::grin: