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NEW #TWSTaste virtual tasting - Rioja 'vertical', Thursday 26th March, 8-9pm



I’m thinking of celebrating life with an auction bottle of Monte Real GR 1970. If that is shot then Contino 934 reserva 2014 bottled for TWS.


Something else important happening at 8pm tonight. Raise a glass of Rioja to our NHS workers on the doorstep before settling down to some serious tasting?


Never joined one of these before, but as it looks like I’m only going to be drinking alone for the foreseeable future, why not?

Will have to see if i can cook something appropriate. I’m sure i have plenty of Rioja… maybe a Bosconia 04, or an Ardanza 01?


@laura, has already suggested this so ill be partaking .


Only problem I have with this is that where I live I’d have to clap very very loudly for anyone else to hear. But I’ll still be doing it if only for it’s symbolic nature and intent!


Going with this, only Rioja in the house…


Absolutely @AndrewEdinburgh - we’re going to suggest everyone takes part in this before we get going. :slight_smile: My sister-in-law is a nurse and currently putting herself at risk every day so I totally agree this is really important - thanks for sharing. :smiley:


We have a bottle of CVNE Reserva 2015 which we will be opening for tonight’s session. It has a good balance of fruit and oak, typical of a light old style Rioja.


I need more Rioja.




I’d love a small glass of the 1996 Riscal, any chance?


1970 looks the oldest on the list. Definitely interested to hear what it’s like. Crossed fingers for you.


You are entirely correct, it’s 8pm for the applause.


How have I just seen this?! I’m so sorry @tom - take good care of yourself and I hope you’re feeling better soon. :pray: Thanks so much for all your help with the Wiki - it’s been fantastic to see it grow over the last few days!


Hope it proves to be an ‘ordinary’ not feeling well. If you do feel well enough then pick any wine and join in even from your sick bed. At this stage it’s the taking part that counts rather than the wine. You could throw in unRioja like comments to add to the general feeling of confusion. Anyway besides all else, just get well!


I have 6 bottles of the Ardanza here too. I am trying to save them for around 5 years when I tried them I tried an older vintage at the same time and I think it will be even better then. That and filling the then hole in the vintage drove me to the 2012 Arana.


Picked up my wines, both made by Bodegas Navajas:
Casa del Marques Crianza 2015
Navajas Gran Reserva 2010


Managed to get a C.V.N.E. Rioja Cune Crianza 2016 in Morrison’s, so can now join the festivities. I tried to stick this on the WIKI but failed with the formatting. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Looking forward to this. We’re having macaroni and cheese, tonight with the youngling. Then, once tucked up for the night, we’ll enjoy the vino with a cheeky cheeseboard! :yum::wine_glass:



You doing all your giffing now for fear of being too busy reading all the posts tonight? :rofl: