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New website.... No links to community!


I lurked here for quite some time


Seems a universal law of communities online is: if you ask your base if they want a community, a huge percentage will say ‘yes’. You do all the work to build it and then hardly anyone uses it. Guaranteed. :wink:


I think our community is actually bigger in terms of people than some other wine forums online, example is that the Port forum has 840 total users and Tom Cannavan’s wine pages forum has around 1,300 total users.


As long as the returns are there in either £ taken or, as @Laura said, increased value of membership then having a larger % shouldn’t matter…quality over quantity :wink:


It’s that 3rd word in the TWS title… ‘Society’… which is overlooked but essential. And this is where the ‘community’ pages come into the equation - going back to the societies original roots. Otherwise TWS is just another online shop selling wine at cost to anonymous consumers ? and where is the fun in that.


I was shocked when I looked at the website today. The Societys community has just disappeared. Help.


rest assured - its still here …the link is now at the bottom of the page in the site footer


Hi guys,
Just a quick update for you - thanks to your excellent feedback and generally standing up for this Community ( :heart:!) , the web team have agreed to include a link further up on the homepage to make it easier to find!

It’s not there yet, but it’ll be under the Discovery tab of the main navigation bar - we’re hoping we’ll get a proper box advertising The Community (a bit like how the Wine Selector box appears under the ‘Buy’ tab of the navigation). I’ll let you know when it’s live - hopefully not too long.


That’s good but I’m still not convinced that’s enough if it’s only on the home page. People completely new to TWS will be looking for other stuff about how TWS works; they’re unlikely to be distracted by the community. The first thing you do on a new site is generally not going to be checking out their forum if they have one. Existing members will be going straight off the home page to order or browse. Again they won’t really be noticing anything extra on that page.

I actually first found the community whilst browsing for wine and noticed it up the top and got curious. But even that took over a year!


Really good points - and as well as making sure the Community is as visible as possible on the homepage, we’re also trying to make sure it’s visible increasingly in other areas - on social media, in emails, in the new member welcome programme etc. Fingers crossed we can ramp this up a bit in the coming months to off-set the homepage issue. :slight_smile:


Nope - still no link to community - leastways not on my desktop. Not anywhere under ‘discovery’ - not at the bottom of the page - nothing. If it helps your techies I use Firefox with 2 x 27" dual screens @ 3840 x 2160. I’ve done the usual cache clearing, software updates etc.

Strangely, if I switch to ‘edge’ the link IS there!


I can see the link in Firefox. Bottom of the page (in the red swoosh region) to the left of About us and below Quick Order.

Still think it should be up the top and much more obvious though.


Yep, me too, in Firefox 68.0.2.


Can you give us some actual numbers?


Let me look into this for you! That sounds really strange.

The box under the Discovery tab isn’t live yet - the person we need to do it is on holiday (I chose the wrong time of year to ask!) but hopefully in the next few weeks it’ll be there.

In the mean time, if you’ve been getting any emails from us about products/services/offers etc, you might have noticed there’s a link to The Community in the footer of most emails, which has helped send more members through to us. :+1: