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NFL is back


Not an unfamiliar story! I got to the NFL slightly later, just in time for the end of the Montana years and the start of Steve Young. I didn’t really pick a team at that point, but took an instant dislike to the Cowboys which has remained to this day. I reconnected with the NFL in about 2003, and was mesmerised by Peyton Manning, Marvin Harrison, Reggie Wayne, Dallas Clark and Edgerrin James, and have been a Colts fan ever since. My brother came to the game a little later and has settled on the Eagles, in large part due to their Super Bowl season. What an incredible Super Bowl that was!

Amen to that.


We also got interested in NFL in the 80s, specifically the year the Bears won it with Walter Payton, Jim McMahon and the Refrigerator. The latter was a big lump of lard that I think was on defence but proved useful at bulldozing over for a TD from about 6inches out.

They blazed for a year of glory and disappeared into ignominy ever since. I still hold a torch for them.

We saw our one and only live game whilst on holiday, seeing the San Diego Chargers lose to somebody or other. The weather was good, the locals keen to explain everything to us once they had established us as foreigners- probably when the narional anthem was played and we a) didn’t sing along and b) failed to put our hand on our hearts!

Currently no particular team we support, though pleased like most other folks to see a team other than the Patriots win the Super Bowl. Everyone takes a dislike to a serial winner whatever the sport. Which is sad for the team or player that has reached a level of excellence that others struggle to match. Their reward for all that hard work is eventually everyone except their nearest and dearest fervently hoping they lose!


I’ve watched a few documentaries about that Bears team. They were peerless that year and pretty good for a couple of years either side, but have been generally mediocre ever since. That city deserves better!

It’s going to be a strange experience for Tom Brady this year. I might be wrong but I suspect most NFL fans will be quite happy to see him do well this year, which certainly wasn’t the case for him in New England.


The NFL is back, sort of; although I won’t be holding my breath for a September start to the season.
I really enjoy watching Baltimore for the spectacular antics of Lamar Jackson
And the Chiefs, for the utterly remarkable Patrick Mahomes.
Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans not forgetting Russell Wilson from Seattle and Aaron Rodgers of Green Bay, for their ability to put a winning drive together.
Watching the College Season on BT Sport for some years has been great to see what talent was in the pipeline.
Their subscription price is OTT. I cancelled last December in disgust as they wanted £30 per month for a rolling one month contract. I have virtually no interest in Football, I like Cricket but they lost out on the IPL so no contest.
I wish that I could buy something that put College Football on my Smart TV?
To be honest, I am pessimistic about much, if any sport being televised this year.


Really missing sport. Any sport. Will have a look at that NFL game pass you guys mentioned. So which Colts game should I line up as one of the freebies?

Ha yeah never like the Cowboys either, an unjustified superiority complex. I do remember that Bears team bullying everyone in the league for a few seasons. Hoping for that you happen with 49ers now. They look mean.


I cancelled BT Sport late last year as well due to the cost and the fact I just wasnt using it much. I’ve lost interest in football generally and couldn’t really get into spending lots of Saturday night watching college football when my Sundays were all about NFL. I would probably have been divorced!
However I ended up getting a cheaper deal to subscribe to it outside of Sky, and did so for FA Cup 3rd round weekend with my brother. I’ve now cancelled again.

Completely with you about Mahomes and Jackson. They’re just thrilling to watch. It’s a very exciting time in the NFL, but I agree we are unlikely to see football in September. It’s all really sad.


I’m not sure if the Game Pass archives go back that far, but the Colts vs the Patriots in the AFC championship in 2006 was amazing. If you can’t get that, check out the 2013 AFC Wild Card game between Andrew Luck’s Colts and the Chiefs. That was A Game. I’ll be watching that again soon.