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No Assyrtiko - discuss


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:, it’s a Colombia Valley Washington wine and is off dry. I definitely would not be paying this price for it however :scream:


Ooo, sounds like I might have an expensive visit. Have got a couple of bottles of another CdP, Piedlong, from the same stable and vintage. The opportunity to compare the two wines would probably prove irresistible.


OMG! That’s a stupid price!

On our recent trip to Copenhagen I was surprised to see it served in virtually every bar we went to! I brought some home with me. Turns out the winemaker had a Danish girlfriend, and moved to Denmark for a while. But it’s the only Danish connection I could find…


The Lyrarakis wine is decent, like everything they make. Obviously doesn’t have the intensely mineral terroir signature that probably only Santorini can give. There’s a lot of assyrtiko planted in North Greece too, so probably others will appear.


Thanks for tonight’s inspiration @szaki1974 :wink:


I also have two bottles of Assyrtiko in the rack from T-Oinos from the island of Tinos. These will have to wait till September now. Was also reminded by the email that @Drblues mentioned, but stayed strong…


It looks like harvest has begun in Santorini. Quite an interesting looking vineyard, pic just shared by Vassaltis.


Don’t they grow them like that because of the strong winds?


Yes, but also (and perhaps even more so) to retain the little moisture available. It hardly ever rains, after all. They have a similar technique on Lanzarote.


I have one bottle left from my last visit to costco. It is a really good wine. I need to replenish.


Argyros also have a new premium Assyrtiko called Cuvee Monsignori. I haven’t yet tried that but if anyone does, please let us know what you think.


Must be back breaking picking the grapes!


Really enjoying the Lyrarakis Viola Assyrtiko mentioned above. Add my name to the ‘assyrtiko please’ list!