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No Assyrtiko - discuss


Which merchant is that , Steve? I could use some more Greek wine


Greece and Grapes


Thanks :slight_smile:

That is one annoying site, isn’t it? But lots of interest… What did you get? Any discoveries? Impressed with the range of Cretans (Idaia was one discovery I made out there last year).


I can’t say I found the site particularly annoying. I was buying for a Greek wine tasting, for which I decided to focus on two regions and their respective two grapes. This is what I bought, and they were supplemented by a few more bottles I could conveniently buy in the UK (Thymiopoulos Jeunes Vignes, and Gaia Thalassitis and Wild Ferment):

Santo Wines Santorini 2018 16.70 EUR
Vassaltis Santorini 2018 25.60 EUR
Estate Argyros Santorini 2018 21.50 EUR
Argyros Santorini Cuvée Monsignori 2017 29.90 EUR
Boutaris Naoussa 2016 8.70 EUR
Diamantakos Naoussa 2017 18.80 EUR
Argatia Naoussa 2014 15.50 EUR
Karydas Xinomavro 2015 16.90 EUR
Thymiopoulos Naoussa Earth and Sky 2016 16.90 EUR

I think most of the Santorini wines can be bought in the UK, but not from the same shop, while the Naoussa wines are a lot more tricky to source here. They were all wines I have tried in different vintages, or have seen recommended, but I cannot claim to have “discovered” anything special from Greece and Grapes. And the tasting is next month, so I have not tried these specific wines yet.

However I would claim to have discovered Thymiopoulos and Vassaltis personally in Greece before I saw them in the UK, and quite possibly before they arrived here. Both were of a quality that made me stop and take notice. Thymiopoulos is of course now well-known in this Community, but Vassaltis still seems to get few mentions in the UK, even if it is available from a few merchants.



I’d recommend the Ktima Kir-Yianni wines from Macedonia, which include an Assyrtiko. Lots of different expressions of Xinomavro too!


Kir-Yianni was high on my list of Naoussa wines to show - the Ramnista would have been nice. Wasn’t easy to get though without paying a high proportion in shipping costs. (Though having said that, I see Great Western Wine has very reasonable rates for shipping. )


I didn’t realise they Kir- Yianni also grew vines there , interesting .
I tasted a number of their wines at an enotria showcase earlier in the year . Lovely lovely people, some amazing wines which were unfortunately overshadowed by an arrogant Gordon Ramsey sommelier who was rude and disrespectful to not only the Kir-Yianni representative but also those who were already Tasting the wines.


An arrogant sommelier? Unheard of :grinning::grinning:


You would NOT believe how arrogant and horrendously he behaved! His mother would have been mortified :rofl::see_no_evil:.


Not sure they have mothers… :wink:


Of course I mean Greek Macedonia (like Naoussa) rather than the Former Yugoslav republic. Yiannis Boutaris is an interesting guy, was former mayor of Thessaloniki and had a sanctuary for rescued dancing bears


Thanks Steve! Funnily enough nothing that attracted me was from either Santorini or Naoussa, much as I like both. I really am keen to explore the regions we can’t find over here - Kefalonia, Epirus and the Peloponnese in particular, and natural-ish stuff. Btw, anyone tried savatiano?


Oddbins used to sell Gentilini Robola from Kefalonia. Might find some on shelves if there is a branch near you.


Yes, I remember that wine - was available there a very long time ago, no? Thinking well over ten years… :smiley:


The website lists the 2015 as out of stock. So was available until recently. Certainly was one of the Greek wines introduced by Oddbins 20 or so years ago.


Hi everyone,
Sorry for the lack of Assyrtiko!
It’s been due to a number of things but mostly down to the fact that as many of you have quite rightly said, prices have shot through the roof on Santorini, as people are fighting over land and the cost of grapes is unbelievable!
Therefore it’s hard to source wine which offers genuine value - yes there are wines at closer to say £12 a bottle but they aren’t what I want from Assyrtiko and I would sooner do it properly even if it means we are looking more towards the top-end.
That being said, I did buy a nice parcel of a new 2018 assyrtiko from Hatzidakis which is made using fruit purchased only from family members. After Haridimos died, a lot of growers he had been loyally buying fruit from stuck their prices up and sold to other wineries, so his ex-wife and children turned towards other family members who grow grapes, in order to source purely from them instead. The wine is therefore more of a “fine wine” but is delicious.
The quantities of this are small and it’s £25-ish a bottle, so I had been keeping this back for a future offer, but I hear your cries for Assyrtiko and would happily release it for sale now if you would like. I don’t want anyone dying of thirst!!
Let me know and I will see what we can do.


Freddy - how does this wine compare to Haridimos’ (non single vineyard) Santorini? I imagine with different grapes it may be quite a different wine?


YAY @Freddy, like others have said decent Assyrtiko on the list would be great to see … whenever you’re ready :wink::wink:


Is this the one? If so, looks like it is already up (100 bottles left…).


hmmm…red, white, nobody’s perfect!