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North London group


Doodle poll completed! Thanks for setting up/editing it!


I’d be happy to join


Are you “Thomas”?


Yes I am! Sorry for being unclear in the doodle!


Hi Tom, just saw your message. Based in NW3 so maybe some mid way point In North London would work? Unfortunately I can’t host - a 2 and 4 year old don’t make for contemplative enjoyment of wine at home :roll_eyes:


Hi Tom, I’m in NW6. Hosting is a bit difficult for me as well, for the same reasons as Rifka (a 1 and a 3 year old at home)…


One of the ironies is going to be that the easiest place for all of us to get to without involving driving is likely to be somewhere almost in town - eg. Camden!

Although it might be that clever cab sharing could open up more options.


If likely to be in that neck of the woods or a similar shortish hop from Kings Cross be keen to join the group.

Is the above Doodle still active? Will fill in when back home after weekend & can check family calendar.


Just added a couple of dates - although sadly at the moment I haven’t got many available. But will try my best to make it whenever we have a majority!


Evening All - I’m in Archway - Ed


Hi all - I’m definitely interested and also in Archway. I’ve filed in the Doodle but there’s quite a bit of uncertainty about the 1st two weeks in March for me. Hopefully I’ll be able to join in later if you do go ahead on the 12th


Seems like there are a few of us in Archway!


James - are you in the Doodle?


Anna, are you in the Doodle?


MattB, you’re not on the Doodle?

BTW, here are the locations of people who can make the most popular date so far (26 March)



Hi. I’ve just managed to work out how to get into the Doodle (not very impressive on my part I know).
Brilliant that things look like they’re moving forward. Unfortunately, it now looks like we’re out of circulation until the end of March (which is when the current Doodle runs out).
Although it may not sound like it, we’re definitely enthusiastic about the endeavour and hope we can come along (even if probably not to the inaugural meeting).


Hi all - sorry for not filling this out before now, have just added my dates in. We are literally waiting for our 2nd child to arrive any day now (just gone past due date) so am a bit tentative on even these dates but would really like to get to the inaugural meet if I can!


Just realised most popular date is 26 March; I am currently expecting to be travelling with work that week but that may change so keep me posted anyway. I am based in Highbury but happy to travel to most locations


Hi all,
Another interested from Archway. Could potentially host since teenager rather than toddlers in the house.


For all north Londoners out there, here is a great place in Tufnell Park with a great wine list, good prices and lovely service. Could be a good place to meet for an occasional bottle or two. The do food as well and their cheese and charcuteries are fantastic. Run by a very passionate group of young French guys who love wine and food. The wine list is French only.