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Notes from a small desk



I think that pretty much sums it up. I’m sure she’s very busy up there though.

Our neighbours have plenty to observe in turn, my kids are still banging on the window, howling about the plague at every passer-by. I have now at least mastered getting them dressed before they’re allowed to open the curtains.


Here is my study and workplace (since 2010) - I’ve been working from home since 2006 so quasi-familiar territory for me:


Pretty sure that’s my desk goal right there, epic desk with curved screens :slight_smile:


There should be a warning sign for video calls


Oh Man that’s wonderful, bookmarked for future reference :rofl:


Omg !! That’s soo funny :rofl::rofl::rofl::+1:


The other half’s probably going to have to start doing video consultations soon. This is so tempting…


Think how much she’ll be able to charge



I’ve worked mainly from home for the last 4 and a bit years so I’ve needed a proper set up. The west facing window can make it a bit toasty in the afternoons. I often shift operations to the kitchen as the day progresses. Neat and tidy today as I had to do a little video message thing for clients earlier on. The guitar is typically not right next to the desk either. Honest.


You work for that company in Minority Report?


Similar - we monitor for future infringements of wine etiquette


I better hide the coke and ice cubes. And put my pants on.


So thats a 17" laptop, 2 x 27" screens, insulated coffee jug. In fairness I’ve been (freelance) home office based since 2011. Top tips: declutter so minimal distractions, high quality speakers, best screens you can afford 'cos you will be looking at them for 8+ hours a day, hard copy diary to keep track of hours. Oh - and most importantly, if you find yourself talking to family pets it’s time to go for a walk.


Agree on those tips. The music front keeps me sane all day. Have been working from home when not in LN for 4 years. On the distractions front… trying to move this setup up two floors into the loft so i’m not sharing the room with the kids eating whilst doing conference calls.

However, currently have a hole in the roof and a paused building project so think I may be in this room for a while longer…

Watching the swans on the lake does present distractions too!


That is a terrible TERRIBLE view :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::rofl:


I agree! The scaffolding!


Hey there,
One thing I notice - a lot of you please check your screen height - they all look very low. I used to get back issues and I read some very good advice and by means of a book (a thick hardback - a dictionary will do just as well) I raised up the iMac up and I haven’t had any problems recurring. Screens should be at eyelevel and just below, NOT looking down too much - which a lot of the screens here look like. It will make you unconsciously stoop. Just a wee observation just in case it helps!

I will post a picture of my setup, but am in the middle of tidying my room and just now it’s going from being a dusty pit to being something almost reasonable - and I work at home anyway


I was always told eye level with the top of the screen.


Yes, exactly - a lot of those look a bit low - though it’s difficult to tell - but the desk should be low enough for the elbows to be at 90 degrees so no strain with the keyboarding from raised wrists.