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Our next press tasting - would you like to be there?



We’re all set up here and awaiting the wine press (& @Leah & @woodap) - this is @Ewan making final preparations and sharing via Instagram (follow @TheWineSociety1874 there)


Looks great!! I’ve been “terminated” in York due to technical difficulties :scream::scream::gun:… awaiting the next chariot :joy::joy:


Is that a Cayetano sherry I see before me? … Tasting notes, please!


Yes, the Palo Cortado. Will do!


Could today be the day I discover I actually do like Sherry after all??..

Hope you’re back on track @Leah :crossed_fingers:

I’m now en route for the real work of the day :grinning:


First BLOW MY SOCKS OFF discovery of the day

This Jurançon Sec. My goodness, in buying a case (notes later)


That’s good hear! It is currently number 1 on my ‘next order’ list!!! Can’t wait to try it! :grinning:


Here are @woodap and @robert_mcintosh chewing the cud / tannins at our Press Tasting today


Faster Leah faster woodap is not leaving much for you…


She’s arrived! Just in time for a Community selfie!


Ummm, hello? Are you using the spittoons? Waiting on an update here :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


Well @Leah is in the vicinity of a spittoon …


Looks a bit clean to me :thinking:


@Ewan we should have done a community selfie last time…


Time for a few quick highlights from today’s tasting. Firstly, here are some of the wines I marked as striking me as good VFM:

2017 Isola della Fiamma Nero D’avola (not yet listed)

2012 Finca Antigua Unico Crianza, La Mancha (not yet listed)

Spring/Early Summer 2018 TWS wines (a joint report)

Try it ! You will NOT REGRET IT :wink:


@Ewan & @martin_brown making use of the “clean” spittoon @tom !! :joy:


And a few other personal favourites across the board were

Domaine Jean-Marc Burgaud, Morgon Côte du Py 2016 (The 2014 is currently on the website)

(@robert_mcintosh also commented on this one, noting its aroma of liquorice allsorts)

(and this one was enjoyed by everyone in attendance I think!)

There were many other lovely wines as well, but I think they were the main standouts for me for starters.

Spring/Early Summer 2018 TWS wines (a joint report)
Spring/Early Summer 2018 TWS wines (a joint report)

I’m enroute back to the North East so will post my notes … well some of them tomorrow! But I just wanted to say a MASSIVO thanks to @Ewan, @robert_mcintosh, @martin_brown and @Sarah for being totally wonderful today and was fab to meet @woodap too. Oh also , thanks for the magnum of this …


Yes. Ditto the huge thanks to @robert_mcintosh @Ewan @martin_brown & @Sarah. Great to meet all of you and @Leah.

Look forward to the next community gathering!